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J. Kates

J. Kates is a poet, literary translator, and the president and co-director of Zephyr Press, a nonprofit press that focuses on contemporary works in translation from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. He received a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry in 1984 and a Translation Project Fellowship in 2006, as well as an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts in 1995. He has published three chapbooks of his own poems: Mappemonde (Oyster River Press), Metes and Bounds (Accents Publishing), and The Old Testament (Cold Hub Press). He has a full book, The Briar Patch, coming in the fall of 2012 (Hobblebush Books). He is the translator of The Score of the Game and An Offshoot of Sense by Tatiana Shcherbina; Say Thank You and Level with Us by Mikhail Aizenberg; When a Poet Sees a Chestnut Tree and Secret Wars by Jean-Pierre Rosnay; Corinthian Copper by Regina Derieva; Live by Fire by Aleksey Porvin; and Genrikh Sapgir’s Psalms. He is the translation editor of Contemporary Russian Poetry, and the editor of In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a New Era. A former president of the American Literary Translators Association, he is also the co-translator of four books of Latin American poetry. (updated 7/2012)

AGNI has published the following work by J. Kates:

Ed Hogan

AGNI has published the following translations by J. Kates:

. . . A mouth contorted in pain by Moisei Fishbein (translated with Bohdan Boychuk)
Eros Poesis by Tatyana Shcherbina
I was killed in nineteen hundred sixteen by Moisei Fishbein (translated with Bohdan Boychuk)
In Memory of Paul Celan by Moisei Fishbein (translated with Bohdan Boychuk)
“On this sleepless night . . .” by Mikhail Rodionov
“She says, ‘It’s bad . . .’” by Alexander Stessin
“Once level with us . . .” by Mikhail Aizenberg

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