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Emilio Prados

Emilio Prados (1899-1962) was a Spanish poet belonging to the "generation of '27" that included Federico García Lorca, Vincente Aleixandre, Manuel Altolaguirre, and others. With Altolaguirre, Prados founded the literary magazine Litoral in 1926. Prados left Spain as a result of the Civil War, and spent the rest of his life in Mexico. His Poesías Completas, edited by Carlos Blanco Aguinaga and Antonio Carreira, was published by Visor Libros in Madrid in 1999.

AGNI has published the following work by Emilio Prados:

Canción (translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Barber)
I Closed My Door (translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Barber)
Song Without a Body (translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Barber)

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