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Charles Bardes, M.D.

Charles Bardes is a physician who practices and teaches internal medicine in New York City. His second book, Pale Faces: The Masks of Anemia (Bellevue Literary Press, 2008), is an extended essay on the cultural, literary, and historical underpinnings of a common disease construct. Other essays and ruminations have appeared in AGNI, Literary Imagination, Academic Medicine, Medical Education, Proto, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, and The New England Journal of Medicine. In 2009 he was the Bernard DeVoto Fellow in Nonfiction at Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference. (updated 4/2014)

AGNI has published the following work by Charles Bardes, M.D.:

ante mortem
borrowed intimacy
dark room
Distortions on Boorde 1
Distortions on Boorde 2
Distortions on Caius
dove sono
enough music
heroic measures
plenty of fluids
reading a patient
Seven essays from The Double Serpent: Subtexts in Medicine: caduceus, diseasification, morphine—by way of an explanation, radical mastectomy, sulfa, urinalysis, wound
system support

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