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Amy Beeder

Amy Beeder is the author of Burn the Field (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2006) and Now Make An Altar (CMU Press, 2012). Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, The Southern Review, AGNI, Poetry Daily, and The Nation, among other journals. Recipient of an NEA Fellowship, the “Discovery”/The Nation award, and a James Merrill Residency, among other honors, she has worked as a creative writing instructor, legal writer, reporter, political asylum specialist, teacher in West Africa, and an election and human rights observer in Haiti and Suriname. (updated 10/2016)

AGNI has published the following work by Amy Beeder:

Against the Neighbors, Bury Bottles
Among Us
The Charges Are Stalking & Arson
Ovid on the Poor Economy of Overgrazing
Pandemic Sings the Muse
Prodigious fine land, but subject to wets and unhealthiness

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