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The AGNI Email Lists

hosts separate e-mail lists for AGNI news and events, Boston-area events, and New York City events. We do not share email addresses with any other organization (see AGNI's Privacy Policy). To submit your events for possible listing, please see How the Lists Work below.

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The “AGNI-only” list

Join this list to receive updates about AGNI, including:
  • Invitations to AGNI events in Boston, Cambridge, New York, and at the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs conferences;
  • Notice of our print-issue releases and AGNI Online postings;
  • General news about the magazine; and
  • Occasional messages of interest to readers and writers, such as information about arts lobbying and government funding.

In general, the Boston and New York lists do not receive AGNI-related emails.

AGNI’s Boston list

Join this list for news of selected literary events in the Boston area and for updates about literature and the arts in Massachusetts and New England (e.g., news of arts funding specific to the region). During the busiest times of the year, messages go out daily.

AGNI’s New York list

Join this list for news of selected literary events in New York City.

How the Lists Work

To submit an event for our Boston or New York list, send an email listing the name of your event, the date, the time, and the venue, and giving brief bios of the participants, to (no attachments, please). We do not list poetry slams, spoken-word events, or concerts combining music and poetry. And we cannot guarantee your message will make the list.


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