Graduate Programs at BU

The reasons for selecting Boston University for graduate school are many, including its outstanding faculty and facilities, a welcoming and diverse community of students, and a place among the very finest hub of colleges and universities in the country.

The BU Charles River Campus contains a wealth of outstanding, modern facilities, including a new $80 million photonics research center. Our engineering and science laboratories are constantly being upgraded to the state-of-the-art. A $42 million Life Sciences building is under construction with the aid of a $14 million Leadership Award grant from the Whitaker Foundation. The building will house biomedical engineers, biologists, bioinformatics researchers, and chemists. These facilities are supported by a network of supercomputers, high performance, computer laboratories, and a wide selection of UNIX, PC and Mac computing laboratories.

Boston University offers a wide selection of PhD programs in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering, including:

Aerospace Engineering Electrical Engineering
Anatomy and Neurobiology Engineering
Archaeology Geography
Astronomy Immunology
Biochemistry Manufacturing Engineering
Bioinformatics Mathematics
Biology Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Microbiology
Biophysics Molecular Medicine
Biostatistics Neuroscience
Cell and Molecular Biology Pathology
Chemistry Pharmacology
Cognitive and Neural Systems Physics
Computer Engineering Psychology
Computer Science Systems Engineering
Earth Sciences