GWISE Hosts PhD Comics Movie
Date: Thursday, October 20th
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
Location: CGS 129

Please come join in a Charles River Campus screening of Jorge Cham’s PhD Comics Movie!
Co-sponsored by GSO and SAGE.


GWISE Find and Win a Fellowship: How to Write a Successful Application
Date & Time: Monday, September 19th 5:30-6:30 pm
Location: Life Science and Engineering Building, 24 Cummington Street, Room B01

GWISE is bringing together previous BU winners of major fellowships to give you their tips on how to put together a competitive application. We’ll cover what types of fellowships are available, how to decide which ones you should apply for, and how to maximize your chances of actually winning one! We’ll start with a presentation giving an overview of the fellowship application process. Then we’ll turn to five current students with various fellowships for Q&A about the search and application process.


AGEP Graduate Student Meet and Greet
Thursday, March 31st, 5:00 pm
24 Cummington St, LSEB Room 103

The goal of the AGEP program at BU is to increase the diversity of professors in the STEM fields. We hope to increase the number of STEM graduate students considering careers in academia, particularly students from underrepresented population groups. Please join us for our Graduate Student Meet and Greet for students from underrepresented population groups. We also welcome students interested in increasing diversity in the STEM fields. We want to find out how the AGEP office can best be a resource! Would it be helpful to have events on navigating graduate school? Or events about finding a job after graduate school? What other events or information would be helpful? We want to hear from you about what resources could best assist you in achieving success in your graduate degree!

Please come to meet fellow graduate students and to let us know how AGEP can best work for YOU.

Pizza and refreshments will be served
Please RSVP so we know how much food to order ☺ (RSVP

Free and open to all!

Sponsored by Boston University AGEP

Leaders and Science and Engineering: The Women of MIT
Date:  Monday and Tuesday, March 28 & 29, 2011
Location: MIT

As part of its 150th anniversary, MIT is hosting a major symposium on women in science and engineering March 28-29, 2011.  This symposium aims to recognize both individual and institutional leadership in the success of women in science and engineering.  It is woven around the landmark 1996 and 1999 reports of the Faculty Committees on Women in Science and their subsequent impact inside and beyond MIT. The symposium will have plenary sessions of talks by outstanding women faculty. In addition, there will be sessions giving a historical and current assessment of women in science and engineering, including the impact of the 1999 report.

A description of the symposium, with links to the program and to the registration page, can be found at: