Captain Lance P. Sijan Squadron of Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary, service organization that calls upon Air Force ROTC cadets to go above and beyond their standard commitment, to serve their local community while developing the essential, professional qualities which every Air Force leader needs.

Phantom Armed Drill Team

The Phantom Armed Drill Team is an Air Force ROTC organization at Detachment 355, Boston University. We specialize in precision competitive drill, in accordance with Marine Corps Drill & Ceremonies specifications. In addition, we represent Detachment 355 and the United States Air Force at community events. These include posting the Colors at Fenway Park, Trick performances, and supporting local organizations with Color Guard units.

Pershing Rifles

The National Society of Pershing Rifles, a military fraternal organization composed of all ROTC branches and civilians, is a new program offered to Detachment 355 cadets. Cadets can now join Charlie Company, 12th Regiment (C-12), located at MIT. Candidates will under go a rigorous and challenging program that will asses their proficiency in physical and mental training, squad tactics, and military bearing. The duration of this candidacy is 8 weeks long, and frequently occurs during the Spring term of the academic year. It is an excellent way for cadets to be exposed to different forms of training beyond AFROTC, while preparing for the stressful environment of field training. So far, C-12 is preparing an exciting candidate term that will test and develop the candidates’ leadership skills, discipline, and motivation.