Captain Lance P. Sijan Squadron of Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary, service organization that calls upon Air Force ROTC cadets to go above and beyond their standard commitment, to serve their local community while developing the essential, professional qualities which every Air Force leader needs.

Phantom Armed Drill Team

The Phantom Armed Drill Team is an Air Force ROTC organization at Detachment 355, Boston University. We specialize in precision competitive drill, in accordance with Marine Corps Drill & Ceremonies specifications. In addition, we represent Detachment 355 and the United States Air Force at community events. These include posting the Colors at Fenway Park, Trick performances, and supporting local organizations with Color Guard units.

Military Excellence Competition Team

The DET 355 Military Excellence Competition (MEC) Team was started in 2002 to promote physical fitness via rigorous training for athletic competitions at ROTC detachments around the country. The MEC Team members compete in basketball, Ironman events, long distance running, relay races, swim relays, Warrior Challenge races, and dodgeball.

The team is comprised of only the most physically fit of DET 355, with members ranging from freshman through seniors. Each week, team members attend MEC Team workouts where both event specific training and general physical fitness training is performed. General training runs constantly throughout each semester and the entire school year so that when the DET 355 MEC Team arrives at competitions, the teams are in the best possible shape, coming prepared to “smoke the competition.” Event specific training is done for a more focused period during each semester.

While the competitive team is composed of cadets at an elite level of fitness, all cadets aspiring to reach such a level are welcome to join the MEC Team and train with us. Training is the only way that you will ever reach a high level of fitness, so MEC Team is both for those cadets who are already is stellar shape and those who intend to reach that level ASAP.

The team’s main competitions each year are Holy Cross and RPI MEC/DRILL Competitions. Other competitions that the MEC Team has attended include the Marine Corps Honor Run, various 5 & 10k races, and the Cornell MEC/DRILL competition.