African Presidential Archives & Research Center (APARC)

Under the direction of Charles Stith, former U.S. ambassador to Tanzania, APARC provides a forum for exchange and dialogue on political and economic developments in sub-Saharan Africa during a period of profound and historic change. Visit the APARC website here.

Presidents in Residence

Former heads-of-state of African democracies are invited to live and work at Boston University for up to two years, sharing their insights and expertise with the University and broader communities on the economies and politics of their countries. APARC hosts programs, including debates on public policy, to extend knowledge of the complexities and resources in Africa.

Public Papers and Private Conversations

APARC archives documents of elected officials and other important political figures in Africa’s growing democracies. The expanding collection will regularly add public records, private in-depth interviews with African leaders conducted in Africa by the APARC director, and annual reports from visiting African leaders.

APARC brochure cover

State-of-Africa Annual Report

APARC prepares an African Leaders State-of-the-Africa Annual Report to be released each January.

African Leaders State of Africa Report 2009

In early 2002, APARC announced the acquisition of a complete collection of CNN International’s program “Inside Africa,” seen worldwide by 160,000 viewers. Recordings of this program are not available to viewers within the United States. The on-going acquisition of “Inside Africa” by APARC and Boston University offers a valuable resource to scholars of politics, media, and public policy.

Charles R. Stith was United States Ambassador to the United Republic of Tanzania from 1998 to 2001, assuming his post shortly after the U.S. Embassy in Dar Es Salaam was bombed in August 1998. In his efforts to promote U.S. trade with and investment in Africa, Ambassador Stith negotiated the first open skies agreement between an African country and the U.S. as well as code-share agreements between Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines. In September 1999, he organized the historic visit to the U.S. of Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa and the largest delegation of African business people ever to accompany an African head of state on a visit to a western nation.