Academic Articles

  • The Joola: The Geographical Dimensions of Africa’s Greatest Shipwreck
    Created by the ASC’s 2016 Fulbright-Hays participant Karen Barton, this interactive article explores the untold histories and legacies of the 2002 Joola shipwreck in Senegal, which killed an estimated 1,863 people. Despite more casualties than the Titanic, there has been no academic attention to the wide-reaching impact of the Joola. This article explores the incident through a geographic lens and by doing so, allows the traumatic event and the thousands of people affected to be adequately memorialized.

Multimedia Resources

  • The Relationship between Map Type and Social Justice – A Clip from The West Wing
    This short clip highlights the ways in which map projection type can affect our perceptions of other continents, countries, and cultures. In the clip, members of the Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality explain the value of using the Gall-Peters projection map (over the traditional Mercator projection) and encourage the fictional federal administration to support its adoption in schools nation-wide. This is a great way to start a conversation on unconscious bias in the classroom and explore the importance of geography in social justice-oriented teaching. 





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