Below are teaching tips for educators interested in incorporating African content into their curriculum. We also have handouts available on this site, accessible via the Lending Library link.

Stereotypes and Misunderstandings

Key Concepts and Pedagogy for Africa
Teaching About Wildlife

Lesson Plans & Resources

Introductory lessons:

What Do We Know about Africa?
Bingo!: The African Connection
Guiding Principles for Best Practice: & three introductory lessons
A Short List of Recommended Books, Videos and Curricula for All Grades


African Culture for Teaching Geography
Africa is not a country…
How Big Is Africa? Lesson Plans
Key Concepts & Core Resources for Teazhing African Geography
The Swahili: an annotated bibliography for teaching
Using BU’s Resources for Teaching Afr. Geography
Photos for Teaching (uses of visual materials and where to obtain them)


Recommended Children’s Books on Slavery in Africa

Al-Bakri’s On-Line Guide to the Ghana Empire

Sundiata: advice for teaching about Mali’s founding king
Ancient Manuscripts from the Desert Libraries of Timbuktu
Bibliography of teaching materials
Downloadable African and European Images of Eachother
Historical Fiction: Suggested Readings
Kingdom of Ghana
Kingdom of Mali
Kingdom of Songhay
Mali Empire and Djenne Figures
The Story of Africa: West African Kingdoms (BBC)
Trekking to Timbuktu: Trade in Ancient West Africa – Student Version
Uncovering an African Scholary Heritage (PBS)


The 2007 Award Winners

The 2008 Award Winners
Award-winning Children’s Books
Assignment for Children Reading Books on Africa
Middle School Literature
Bibliography of Children’s Literature
Selecting Books on Africa
How to Write about Africa, by B. Wainaina
Guide to Multicultural Literature

Other Lesson Plans:

Introducing African Art

Proverbs (useful for learning about culture)


more lesson plans can be found here and handouts here

Lending Library

Rent Video and DVD

Websites of great usefulness

Curriculum: Exploring Disease in Africa

Sleeping Sickness
Small Pox
Excerpt: First Footsteps in East Africa