Outstanding Website Resources for Teaching about Africa

BU’s Outreach Program at the Center for African Studies contains a wide range of resources organized by grade level: lesson plans, teaching tips, videos (which can be borrowed), bibliographies for teaching, plus a great poster, “How Big Is Africa,” for sale. Also ready for direct classroom use from our home page is our interactive tutorial, “Africa: True or false?: Come explore!”, a lively set of activities covering geography, history, and politics.

AllAfrica.com is probably the best site for reading news and editorials from across Africa. Selections can be made by country or by topic.

Stanford University’s African Education on the Internet is probably the best “mega site” for accessing an enormous range of information, from very basic to highly specialized. The site contains links to many other sites and resources.

Part of Michigan State University, Exploring Africa contains a fine set of lesson plans (with built-in evaluation) for teaching about Africa in middle school. The material was co-developed by classroom teachers and Africa specialists.

Africa Focus, hosted by the University of Wisconsin, contains a collection of sights and sounds from Africa in a large searchable database by country and topic, with free downloading of materials for classroom use.

Africa Access Review is the best database of book reviews of Africa-related material for children and young adults. The website is searchable by author, title, country, grade level, as well as level of recommendation (from “highly recommended” to “not recommended”).

The African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania. A website with many entry points and lesson plans.

Barbara B. Brown
Director of Outreach