Kenya Teaching Resources for Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade

I. Children’s Materials

Traveling Kit

Kenyan Kids: An African Childhood
With a focus on a child’s life, this kit offers a window into Kenyan life. Students learn by exploring the real stuff from kids in Kenya: school uniforms, toys, books, artwork and other items. The kit also inludes a detailed curriculum guide and photo sets.

Rentals are $ 50.00 for 2 weeks. Rentals can be arranged either through us or through the Boston Children’s Museum, Kit Rental Dept., 300 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210-1034. While we rent locally, the Children’s Museum rents both locally and nationally. Their toll-free number is 1-800-370-5487.


Mcheshi Goes to a Game Park, no author given, (Jacaranda Designs) 1992. Jacaranda Designs, P.O. Box 7936, Boulder, CO 80306

Mcheshi Goes on a Tourney, no author given, (Jacaranda Designs)1993. See address above.

Tuma and the Magic Jinn, Anderson, Joy (Luthrop, Lee & Shepard Books)1986.

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain, Aardema, Verna (Dial Books) 1981.

Zamani Goes to Market, Feelings, Muriel (Seabury Press) 1970.

The Orphan Boy, Mollel, Tololwa & Morin, Paul (Clarion Books) 1990.

Tales from the African Plain, A. Gatti (Dutton), 1994.

Kadogo at School, The Progressive Peak English Course, Supplementary Reader 1, (Ministry of Education, Nairobi, Kenya and Oxford University Press), 1976.

Abu lives in Kenya, Christian Aid (Christian Aid), 2004

Focus on Kenya, Ng’Weno, Fleur (Evans Brothers Ltd) 1990

Mcheshi Goes to the Market, Sokoni, Mcheshi Aenda (Jacaranda Designs, Ltd) 1991

Youthful Voices: Poems from Kenyan Schools, Westaway, Gill, (Nairobi Longhorn Publishers) 1992

Faces : Swahili, People, places, and cultures, (Cobblestone, middle school magazine) December 1997

Faces : Kenya, People, Places, and Cultures, (Cobblestone, Middle School Magazine) January 1999

Fatuma’s New Cloth by Leslie Bulion, illustrated by Nicole Tadgell (Moon Mountain Publishing,North Kingstown, Rhode Island) 2002


Kenya in Pictures, Reuben, Joel (Lerner Publishers) 1988.

A Familv in Kenya, Griffin, Michael (Lerner Publishers), 1988.

The Land and People of Kenya, Maren, Michael (Harper Collins Publishers) 1989.

Moja Means One, Feelings, Muriel (Dial Books) 1971.

Jambo Means Hello, Feelings, Muriel (Dial Books) 1974.

Curriculum Guides

Swahili Activities, Bacak-Egbo, Carol & Egbo, Paul Kofi (AFAM Educational Consultancy International) 1991. AFAM International, 716 Cortwright, Pontiac, MI 48340 tel: (313) 332-4184.

Suitcase Scholar Goes to Kenya. Barysh, Ann (Lerner Publishing Co.) 1991.


Poster of Nairobi with Lesson Plan

A Toy Is What You Make It, UNICEF. (Available through West Glen Communications: 212-921-2800). Please note: We recommend showing only the first 11 minutes of this video to children.

Kenyan Youth (video), Maryknoll World Productions P.O. Box 308, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0308, tel: 1-800-227-8523.

Flip Flotsam, Journeyman Pictures (DVD), Filmakers Library, 124 East 40th St, New York, NY 10016,, tel: 212-808-4980

Beware of AIDS,” (A CD of a popular song) by Teddy Kalanda Harrison of  Them Mushrooms, English and Swahili version, Arranged and produced by Them Mushrooms for the Ministry of Health, Productions Ltd at the Mushrooms Sound Lab, Nairobi, January 1988.

Clothing (With Activities)

II. Adult Material


Grain of Wheat. Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Ngugi is his last name. He went by James Ngugi in the past) (Heinemann Educational Books, Inc.) 1967.

Devil on the Cross. Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Heinemann, Inc.) 1982.


Kenya: The Quest for Prosperity. Miller, Norman & Yeager, Rodger (Westview Press) 1993.

III. Additional Resources

The African Outreach Program at Boston University has many other resources on Kenya (and the rest of Africa) available for loan. These include slides, videos, children’s books, books for adults, maps and more. Only videos can be lent through the mail. Other materials must be picked up. The program also offers workshops and consulting.

NB: Addresses are provided above only for difficult-to-locate publishers