Recommended Picture Books on Africa: A Short List

Aardema, Verna. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain
Alexander, Lloyd. The Fortune-Tellers
Anderson, Joy. Juma and the Magic Jinn
Appiah, Sonia. Amoko and Efua Bear
Browder, Atlantis and Anthony. My First Trip to Africa
Cowen-Fletcher, Jane. It Takes a Village
Daly, Niki. Not So Fast, Songololo
Dupre, Rick. Agassu: Legend of the Leopard King
Feelings, Muriel. Moja Means One: A Swahili Counting Book
Greenfield, Eloise. African Dream
Grifalconi, Ann. Osa’s Pride
Grifalconi, Ann. The Village of Round and Square Houses
Heide, Florence Parry. The Day of Ahmed’s Secret
Hoffman, Mary. Boundless Grace
Isadora, Rachel. At the Crossroads
_________. Over the Green Hills
Kimmel, Eric.  Anansi and the Strange Moss-Covered Rock
Kitsao, Jay.  Mcheshi Goes to Market
Kurtz, Jane. Fire on the Mountain
_________. Pulling the Lion’s Tail
Lewin, Hugh. Jafta
Margolies, Barbara. Rehema’s Journey: A Visit to Tanzania
Mennen, Ingrid. Somewhere in Africa
Mollel. Tololwa. Big Boy
_________. The Flying Tortoise
Olaleye, Isaac. The Distant Talking Drum
Onyefulu, Ifeoma. Ogbo: Sharing Life in an African Village
Owoo. Ife. A is for Africa
Price, Leontyne. Aida
Rappaport, Diane. The New King
Sabuda, Robert. Tutankhamen’s Gift
Schermbucher, Reviva. Charlie’s House
Sisulu, Eleanor. The Day Gogo Went to Vote
Stanley, Diane. Shaka: King of the Zulus
Steptoe, John. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale
Stock, Catherine. Armien’s Fishing Trip
Williams, Karen. Galimoto
Wisniewski, David. Sundiata: Lion King of Mali

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