Teaching Africa Library

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The Outreach Program’s Teaching Africa Library is an extensive collection of materials useful for teaching about Africa for all grade levels. Our collection contains adult and children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as movies, curriculum guides, clothing, and travel kits.

Our catalog is online and searchable and features “Director’s Choice” materials, identified as the best resources for teaching. This feature saves teacher’s time and effort in assessing copious materials, but also reflects best practices of those researchers, writers and educators who have engaged with the continent.

Our library caters to both local and national teachers. Local teachers can borrow any of our materials by visiting the library. National teachers can borrow any of our movies through the mail (see under Ordering or Renting), and can use our catalog to identify the best resources for teaching about Africa. All books circulate for 4 weeks and all films circulate for 1 week; most materials can be renewed for additional periods.

Staff members are happy to work with you in selecting the best materials and putting together an appropriate curriculum packet. First-time visitors to the library will receive a free educational poster and teaching guide ($20 value).

Additional resources are available through Boston University’s Libraries, which feature a renowned African Studies Library! The libraries are open to the public–additional information can be found in the Guide to ASL for Non BU patrons.

Library Film Resources

Africa Straight Up

This 30-minute film highlights the various African pioneers in technological, educational, economic, and governmental advances. In doing so, it contributes a more nuanced–and most significantly, realistic–understanding of the dynamism and global leadership found throughout the continent. The film, which is comprised of interviews, testimonies, and TED talks, is most appropriate for high school and college audiences.

The Teaching Africa Library boasts a number of rentable, interactive, and educational films on Africa, two of which were produced by the Outreach Program. To view the entire catalog of available films, please click here.

Inside Africa (Grades 2-7 DVD)

The video below is a trailer to our film Inside Africa: Introducing the Continent and Its Peoplewhich introduces elementary and lower middle school-aged students to the diverse human and physical geographies of Africa. The final portion of the film follows the lives of children in three countries, depicting both the diversity and the universality of childhood experiences. The film is available for purchase on our website here.

What Do We Know About Africa? (Grades 7-12 DVD)

The video below is a trailer to our film What Do We Know About Africa?, which serves as an excellent counter to common misconceptions about Africa. The film introduces students to the diversity in the histories, religions, cultures, and peoples of the African continent. The film is particularly suited for upper middle and high school students, as well as college students in introductory courses.  It is available for purchase on our website here.

Ifeoma Onyefulu

Author of a number of award-winning children’s books, such as Ikenna Goes to Nigeria and Here Comes Our Bride!, Onyefulu expertly combines her passion for photography with her desire to spread representative portrayals of Nigeria to children around the world. In this video, Onyefulu discusses her motivations and intentions behind her books with staff at Boston University.