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Gelede: a Yoruba Masquerade

1969. 23:00
HS, Adult
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Documentary of a Yoruba communal festival. Emphasizes the importance of this festival in providing coherence to the community and its culture.

IA FS 86
*** Konkombe: the Nigerian Pop Music Scene

Producer: Jerry Marre Harcart Films. 1988
Grades 4 to Adult
Lively documentary of Nigerian popular music, featuring artists such as Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Sonny Okosun, in performance and in their communities.

IA FS 112
***The National Museum of Niger

Niamey, Niger. Producer: Carrie Regan. 1992. 20:00
Presenting exhibits of Tuareg and Hausa traditional dresses and household utensils, this film also shows us artisan’s production of local crafts and an overview of Niger’s zoological gardens.

IA FS 117
***Stetsasonic, A.F.R.I.C.A.

(Music Video) Warner Bros. Records, 1988. Time: 4:25:00
HS, Adult
Music video by popular hip hop band Stetsasonic, with an educational focus. Primarily concerned with South Africa’s neighbors and their resistance to apartheid. Accompanied by a study guide which helps students to understand the politics, geography, and history of southern Africa.

IA FS 74