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Order What Do We Know About Africa?: The Outreach Program has produced an introductory 30-minute video discussing and dispelling stereotypes while providing a basic overview of the continent’s geography, culture, and history (includes a wonderfully detailed curriculum guide).

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Video Title Call Number


Program 1: Different But Equal IAFS 65
Program 2: Mastering a Continent IAFS 65
Program 3: Caravans of Gold IAFS 66
Program 4: Kings and Cities IAFS 66
Program 5: The Bible and the Gun IAFS 67
Program 6: The Magnificent African Cake IAFS 67
Program 7: The Rise of Nationalism IAFS 68
Program 8: The Legacy IAFS 68
Africa Close Up IAFS 154
Africa in Transition IAFS 224
Africa on the Move IAFS 113
Africa National Geographic Nature
Volume 1: Savannah Homecoming; Desert Odyssey IA FS 232
Volume 2: Voices of the Forest; Mountains of Faith IA FS 233
Volume 3: Love in the Sahel; Restless Waters IA FS 234
Volume 4: Leopards of Zanzibar; Southern Treasures IA FS 235
Volume 5: The Making of Africa IA FS 236
African Journey
Volume 1 IAFS 81
Volume 2 IAFS 82
African Music Program
Tape 1 IAFS 88
Tape 2 IAFS 89
African Story Magic IAFS 121
The Africans
Program 4: Tools of Exploitation IAFS 139
Program 5: New Conflicts IAFS 140
Program 6: In Search of Stability IAFS 141
All About Darfur IA FS 265
Amandla!: A Revolution in Four Part Harmony IAFS 225
The American Connection IAFS 51
The Amistad Revolt IAFS 142
Anansi IAFS 132
Arlit, Deuxième Paris IA FS 263
Asimbonanga IAFS 83
Assignment Africa IAFS 122
The Avoidable Famine IAFS 119


Banking on Life and Debt IAFS 143
Beyond Hunger IAFS 44
Biko: Breaking the Silence IAFS 57
Black Gold: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee IA FS 261
Bringing the Third World to Campus and Community IAFS 37
Building a Better World — Producer: International BookBank IAFS 223


Chantal’s Choice IAFS 110
A Letter to Our Foster Parents IAFS 109
Sanata Video IAFS 107
When the Rains Don’t Fall IAFS 108
Cold Water IAFS 49
Consuming Hunger
Part 1: Getting the Story IAFS 69
Part 2: Shaping the Image IAFS 70
Part 3: Selling the Feelings IAFS 71
Corridors of Freedom IAFS 58


Dancing: Dance at Court, Program 4 IA FS 247
Darwin’s Nightmare IA FS 267
Delta Force IAFS 148
Divine Carcasse — Producer: California Newsreel IAFS 195


The Earth That Feeds Us IAFS 91
End Hunger: Famine and Chronic Hunger IAFS 114
Exploring Geography Through African History IAFS 227


Facing the Future IAFS 94
Family Across the Sea IAFS 105
Food for Thought IAFS 120
For the Children, For the Future IAFS 45
From Sun Up IAFS 50
Frontline: “Hunting Bin Laden” IAFS 226


Gelede: A Yoruba Masquerade IAFS 86
Generations of Resistance IAFS 55
Georgina Williams of Ghana IAFS 138
Girls Apart IAFS 43
Good Health Starts at Home IAFS 92
Guimba the Tyrant IAFS 146


Harvest of Hunger IAFS 53
Hyenas IAFS 147


The Ink Road: Teaching Methods of Timbuktu IA FS 264


Journey to Understanding — Producer: African Journey Limited IAFS 230


Keita IAFS 150
Kenyan Youth: Preparing for the Future IAFS 85
Konkombe: The Nigerian Music Scene IAFS 112


Lagos: Rich Man, Poor Man IAFS 151
Liberia, An Uncivil War IA FS 268
Living Memory: Six Sketches of Mali Today IA FS 266
Lumumba — Death of a Prophet IAFS 128


Ma journée en français IAFS 149
Mandela IAFS 38
Many Ways To See the World IA FS 248
Mapantsula IAFS 64
Moving On: The Hunger for Land IAFS 54
Mozambique: Walking from the Nightmare IAFS 123


National Museum of Niger IAFS 117
Nelson Mandela: 75th Birthday IAFS 231
The New Zimbabwe IAFS 104
Nigeria IAFS 36
Nigeria: A Tale of Two Families IAFS 152


Once Upon a Time IAFS 125


A Panther in Africa IA FS 260
Passeport a l’Afrique Francophone IA FS 246


Quartier Mozart IAFS 127


Real Stories from a Free South Africa (Volume 1) IA FS 255
Real Stories from a Free South Africa (Volume 2) IA FS 256
Real Stories from a Free South Africa (Volume 3) IA FS 257
Real Stories from a Free South Africa (Volume 4) IA FS 258
Real Stories from a Free South Africa (Volume 5) IA FS 259
RX for Survival: A Global Health Challenge IA FS 254


Second Nature IAFS 153
A Son of Africa IAFS 144
South Africa: The Dilemma of Apartheid IAFS 35
South Africa in World Historical Perspective IAFS 228
Spear of the Nation IAFS 59
The Spirit of Cape Verde IAFS 52
Stessasonic, A.F.R.I.C.A. IAFS 74
Stop the Violence IAFS 106
Stories from the Black Tradition IAFS 124


Textbooks and Dreams IAFS 93
T-Shirt Travels: A Documentary on Secondhand Clothes and Third World Debt in Zambia IAFS 229
Three Tales from Senegal IAFS 145
A Toy Is What You Make It IAFS 131
Training for Travel to Africa IAFS 33
Traveler’s Tales — Back to Africa IAFS 118


Understanding Each Other IAFS 90
Unheard Voices:
Celebrating the Cultures of the Developing World



We Never Give Up IA FS 249
Wend Kuuni IAFS 130
What Do We Know About Africa? IAFS 137
What’s Going On: Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone IA FS 253
When the Rains Don’t Fall IAFS 108
Witches in Exile IA FS 262
Witness to Apartheid IAFS 31
Women: Changing Our Role IAFS 95
Worlds Together: East Africa (for kids) IA FS 250
Worlds Together: East Africa IA FS 251
Worlds Together: Ethiopia IA FS 252
A World of Ideas: Chinua Achebe IAFS 133


Yeelen-Brightness IAFS 129
Zajota and the Boogie Spirit IAFS 136
Zan Boko — Homeland IAFS 126
Zimbabwe International Book Fair
(Note: video on NTSC format)
IAFS 222