Video Title Call Number
*** Chantal’s Choice
Producers: C. Saltman & P. Hinkley, 1990. 29:00

M, HS, Adult

The story of an African girl grappling with traditional marriage expectations within a modern and changing environment. Written and presented by secondary school students in Burkina Faso.

IA FS 110
*** From Sun Up
Maryknoll World Video Library. 28:00

HS, Adult

Produced by a Tanzanian woman, Flora M’mbugu, and shot in Tanzania by an all-African crew. This beautifully photographed work portrays women’s multiple roles as provider, mother, water-carrier, wood-gatherer, cook, and entrepreneur. It dramatically illustrates that the source of women’s hope and sense of the future lies in their support for each other.

IA FS 50
Girls Apart
Producers: C. Sheppard & C. Savageot, 1987. 38:00

M, HS, Adult

A powerful documentary of two South African school girls, one white and one black, who invite the viewer into their lives and homes.

IA FS 43
Women: Changing Our Roles
Beacon Films. 15:00. 1990


Explores the traditional expectations of women and their evolving opportunities in marriage, education, and work.

IA FS 95