Political & Economic Perspectives

Video Title Call Number
T-Shirt Travels: A Documentary on Secondhand Clothes and Third World Debt in Zambia IA FS 229
Frontline: “Hunting Bin Laden”
Frontline video discussing the latest attacks on US embassies in Africa by terrorists.
IA FS 226
Building a Better World
International Book Bank
Video produced by the IBB stressing the role of education for
the growth of Africa
IA FS 223
Divine Carcasse
Producer: California Newsreel
A Study on European Encounters with the people of Benin
IA FS 195
*** Africa on the Move
The Bullfrog Project, 1991. 55:00 (in three parts).

M, HS, Adults. With study guide.

A remarkable look at Africa which goes beyond stereotypical images and allows Africans to speak for themselves. Through scenes of a farming family in Uganda and through brief interviews with Ugandan leaders, we come to see such families as agents of change.

IA FS 113
Assignment: Africa
Christian Science Monitor. 60:00, in short segments. 1992

There are short segments on each of the following topics: Zambian democracy and schools, the Nigerian economy, a Nigerian singer and women’s rights advocate named Christy, the Tanzanian economy, AIDS in Tanzania, the Maasai, family planning in Kenya, and drought.

IA FS 122
Banking on Life and Debt
Maryknoll World Production. 1995. 30:00.

HS, Adult

This documentary traces the post-World War II changes that led to the current world economic order. It focuses on the policies of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Ghana, Brazil, and the Philippines.

IA FS 143
Delta Force
Director: Glenn Ellis. 1994. 54:00.

HS, Adult

This powerful documentary discusses the ecological, economic, and social turmoil caused by Shell Oil and the Nigerian government in Ogoniland. Graphic footage and powerful interviews (including murdered poet Ken-Saro Wiwa) makes this film highly provocative and informative.

IA FS 148
Facing the Future
Beacon Films. 1990. 15:00


Asks the question: What does it mean to be modern? Examines the influence of Western values and technology on Africans, and how Africans are creating a balance between traditional and modern ways.

IA FS 94
Hopes on the Horizon
Director: Onyekachi Wambu. 2001 2:00:00.

HS, Adult

Through on-camera interviews and video footage of key events, Hopes on the Horizon chronicles the rise of pro-democracy movements in six African countries during the 1990s. Journey to Benin, Nigeria, Rwanda, Morocco, Mozambique, and South Africa to follow the dramatic and often dangerous efforts to bring about fundamental changes in social structures, governance, and economic and civil rights.

IA FS 32
Lagos: Rich Man, Poor Man
Geographical Eye Over Africa. 1994. 20:00.

M, HS, Adult

This program shows the enourmous contrast between the lives of two children in Nigeria’s bustling metropolis, thereby illustrating how the city works and its people survive.

IA FS 151
*** Mandela
Producer: Home Box Office Inc. 1987. 2:15

M, HS, Adult

Documentary/drama featuring Danny Glover in the role of Nelson Mandela; part biography and part history of the African National Congress.

IA FS 38
Mozambique, Waking from the Nightmare
UNICEF Committee of Greater Boston. 1990, 14:00

A group of Americans visit UNICEF projects in Mozambique and get an overview of the country and of UNICEF projects.

IA FS 123
*** The New Zimbabwe
Maryknoll World Video. 1982. 28:00

Blacks and whites who once lived in separate societies in colonial Rhodesia now hope to work together in the new Zimbabwe. Filmed from a missionary perspective, this film documents the struggle of building a society based on reconciliation and equality, and also offers historic insights into the problems of achieving that goal.

IA FS 104
Unheard Voices: Celebrating Cultures of the Developing World
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Madison, Wisconsin. 1:42

HS, Adult

Interview with African citizens of Tunisia, Kenya, Somalia, and Liberia currently living and working in the U. S. Recollections of selected life experiences.

IA FS 84
A World of Ideas: Chinua Achebe
Films for the Humanities, 1994 30:00 Color

In an interview with Bill Moyers, writer Chinua Achebe discusses his observations and criticism of both African and Western politics and culture.

IA FS 133