Children & Youth

Video Title Call Number
Africa Close-Up
Maryknoll World Productions, 1997. 28:00 


This video is divided into two 14-minute segments. The first segmented is narrated by an Egyptian teenager who introduces Egyptian culture by describing her daily life in Cairo. The second segment examines the problems of desertification, unclean water, and national unity in Tanzania through the narration of a village teenager.

IA FS 154
African Journey
Wonderworks. 174:00. 1990. 


Luke is a high school student from Canada and Themba is an Zimbabwean youth. Separated by vastly different cultures, these two young people seem to have nothing in common until a series of adventures in Zimbabwe enables them to discover how alike they really are. This video series may be shown in parts without showing the whole. Each part is 30 minutes. It is accompanied by an excellent teaching guide.

Volume I:
Part One: Under the Sun
Part Two: Brother
Part Three: Price of a Bride
IA FS 81
Volume II:
Part Four: Chasing a Dream
Part Five: A Deadly Business
Part Six: One World to Share
IA FS 82
Plan International 

Three short videos based on the efforts of Plan International’s Childreach program, a “foster parents plan” implemented in African communities.

Sanata Video IA FS 107
A Letter to our Foster Parents—Louga, Senegal IA FS 109
See Me, Share My World IA FS 115
Food for Thought
Beacon Films From the “Many Voices” series 1992, 15:00. 


Isa, a young girl from Senegal, finds it frustrating to be different from other kids in her Canadian school. When she fasts for the Muslim month of Ramadan, her friend Ashley makes light of it, causing a distance the two girls try to bridge.

IA FS 120
*** Georgina Williams of Ghana
United Learning, (Children of Other Lands Series), 1995. 15:22 


This video explores the life of children in Ghana by following Georgina Williams, a nine-year-old Ghanaian girl, as she goes through her daily activities. Viewers get to know Georgina as she does her household chores, attends school, hangs out with her friends, and goes shopping with her mother.

IA FS 138
*** Kenyan Youth: Preparing for the Future
Maryknoll World Video Library 28:00 

A young athlete, a budding artist, and a family of young musicians tell their stories of determination, hard work, and dreams of a bright future.

IA FS 85
*** Ma Journée En Français
PICS. French. 30:00 

Elementary through HS

This video contains six 5-minute sections on Benin, Senegal, and Reunion in Africa, as well as Lebanon, Martinique, and Corsica. Each segment is narrated by a child who describes a typical day in his or her country. Narrated in simple French with a written transcript and lesson plan provided.

IA FS 149
A Toy Is What You Make It
UNICEF: 25:00 

Age 6 and up

This video was filmed primarily in Kenya. Lively and engaging, it features vignettes of family and school life in both urban and rural settings. It focuses primarily on children at play and making their own toys.

Narrated by Liv Ullmann.

* Only the first half on rural Kenyan children is appropriate for elementary school children.

IA FS 131