Inter-Cultural Communication/Educating People about Africa

Video Title Call Number
Journey to Understanding
African development
The video is a series of six programs that discuss major African developmental issues.
IA FS 230
Nelson Mandela: 75th Birthday
African Leaders
Video commemorating Mandela’s 75th birthday
IA FS 231
*** Bringing the Third World to the Campus and the Community
Consortium for International Cooperation in Higher Education.
IA FS 37
*** Cold Water
Producer: Noriko Ogami, Boston University. 1987. 48:00

HS, Adult

International students (including one from then Zaire) and experts describe their experiences, commenting on the nature of U.S. culture and the process of adjustment to a new culture.

IA FS 49
*** Training for Travel to Africa
Colorado State University TV. 29:30.

HS, Adult

Using a series of dramatized incidents, the video explores different types of miscommunication that can take place between Westerners and Africans because of the different cultural assumptions that these two groups have.

IA FS 33
Travelers’ Tales from Around the World: Back to Africa
Produced: Thirteen/WNET 13, 1993.

A look at Nigeria through the eyes of an African American professor.

IA FS 118
Understanding Each Other
Beacon Films. Time: 15:00. 1990.


With wonderful spirit, a Zimbabwean teenage actress introduces Africa’s diverse geography and cultures and dispels many misconceptions along the way. An outstanding video.

IA FS 90
* What Do We Know About Africa ?
Boston University African Outreach Center. 1995: 25:00

HS, Adult

Converted from the popular slide-tape show, this video question our conscious and unconscious stereotypes about Africa. It stimulates critical thinking and serves as an introduction to units in social studies, geography, history, and anthropology.

Video also comes with an outstanding and detailed curriculum guide.

IA FS 137