Hunger & Food Issues

Video Title Call Number
The Avoidable Famine
Producer: Yorkshire Television. 1988. 20:00
With study guide
HS, Adult
Sudan, the largest nation in Africa, has produced enough food for its own needs, plus export. Changing crops and farming technique produced famine and stripping of the land. This film examines the reasons behind these changes and looks at how the Sudanese economy has responded to the destruction of the traditional way of life. Accompanied by study materials.
IA FS 119
*** Beyond Hunger
The End Hunger Network, 1988. 10:00
Provides an overview of American attitudes towards development in Africa and how Americans can gain a more meaningful understanding of these issues.
IA FS 44
*** Consuming Hunger
Maryknoll World Video Library. 1988. Three 29:00 segments
HS, Adult
Part One: “Getting the Story”
Explores the question: why does it take the American media so long to cover African famines?
IA FS 69
Part Two: “Shaping the Image”
Explores the question: what happened to our images of Africa once starving Africans dominated television’s portrayal of the continent?
IA FS 70
Part Three: “Selling the Feeling”
Explores the question: what did the “Hands Across America” mega-event tell us about hunger in America and the images that we have created of our own hungry and homeless?
IA FS 71
*** Famine and Chronic Persistent Hunger: A Life and Death Distinction
Also shown as “End the Hunger.” Producer: The Hunger Project. 1989, 11:00
M, HS, Adult
This video makes graphically clear, by focusing on different case studies of developing nations, the critical distinction between famine and chronic hunger—and what needs to be done to end each.
IA FS 114
*** Harvest of Hunger
OXFAM America, 1987. 20:00

HS, Adult

Creative graphics to Jackson Browne music combine with stunning photos of overseas projects in this exploration of the underlying causes of world hunger. Includes teacher’s guide with quizzes, exercises, and maps.

IA FS 53