Ecology: Soil, Erosion, Deforestation

Video Title Call Number
The Earth That Feeds Us

Beacon Films. 1990. 15:00
A compelling look at environmental problems experienced by African farmers in recent years. Explores how Africans might strike a balance between ecological conservation and economic development. Draws comparisons with environmental problems facing the U.S. Includes brief lesson plan.

IA FS 91
*** Harvest of Hunger

OXFAM, 1987. 20:00

HS, Adult

Creative graphics to Jackson Browne music combine with stunning photos of overseas projects in this exploration of the underlying causes of world hunger. Excellent for high school, college, and community groups; includes teacher’s guide with quizzes, exercises, and maps.

IA FS 53
Moving on: the Hunger for Land

California Newsreel. 1982. 54:10
HS, Adult
An examination of the colonial history of Zimbabwe and the challenges facing newly independent nations, especially the land question.

IA FS 54
Nigeria: a Tale of Two Families

Geographical Eye Over Africa. 1994. 20:00
This program looks at the effect of climate on the lives and economic strategies of two farming families living in very different environments, and at the influence of culture on the children and their ambitions.

IA FS 152
Second Nature

Cyprus Productions. 1997. 40:00
HS, Adult
This video examines how the forest in West Africa is actually on the increase, due to the farmers’ skill in transforming savanna into forest. It shows how easily experts can reach incorrect conclusions if local knowledge and history are not taken into account.

IA FS 153
When the Rains Don’t Fall

Childreach 1992
Documents the Zimbabwe drought of 1992 and how those hardest hit faced the challenge. Also includes footage on the role of the international aid program Plan International.

IA FS 108