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At the Outreach Program, we seek to support teachers in crafting diverse classroom resources for teaching Africa that effectively address national frameworks and standards. As a result of numerous conferences, workshops, and advising sessions, we have a number of exemplary materials by teachers for teachers that are publicly available below.

Amandla! Revolution in Four Part Harmony: Highlighting Music in the Fight against Apartheid (High School, Film Guide)

In a 10th grade Global Studies classroom, this film, shown in clips with discussion bookending the viewing on subsequent class days, is a perfect supplement to add context and nuance to a discussion about apartheid and recent South African history.

South African Short Stories: Apartheid, Civil Rights & You (High School)

These lesson plans will not only introduce students to a diverse group of South African writers and literature, but they will also help students to begin to understand, in a personal way, how apartheid created discriminatory and despicable laws, boundaries, and limitations for those who lived in South Africa during this time period. Additionally, students will explore through a lesson plan on the Little Rock Nine, how race in America impacted citizens here in a profound way.

Modern Africa: Unit Plan and Lesson Excerpts (High School)

This resource frames students’ understanding of how they should consider the study of Africa. Students will spend a week studying economic issues, specifically the debate surrounding international economic aid.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell: A Women’s Peace Movement in Liberia (High School, Film Guide)

This film guide focuses on comparative topics like the causes and effects of war and conflict, responses to oppression and violence, nonviolent protest and civil disobedience, human rights, women’s participation in society, and peace-building and peacekeeping.