Gold Teaching Resources

Select Bibliography for Teaching about in the West African Kingdoms

  1. Video
    • “Africa: caravans of gold” available from social studies school service for $30.
  2. Primary Sources + Curriculum Guides
    • Through African Eyes and Through African Eyes Teaching Strategies
      ISBN 0-938960-27-X and ISBN 0-938960-32-6
    • Ibn Battuta in Black Africa, Said Hamdun and Noel King.
      ISBN 1-558-76-087-3
    • Empires and Kingdoms of Sub-Saharan Africa, Teachers Curriculum Institute
    • A showing and discussion of any European Renaissance artwork or buildings, which use gold (Europe’s gold in that era came from and was known by Europeans of that time to come from West Africa.)
    • The tutorial “Africa True or False: come explore” which in the history section shows the 14th c. Spanish map of Mansa Musa on his throne, holding a golden scepter and an orb of gold. (This map forms part of an activity appropriate for grades 7-16.)
  3. Secondary Sources:
    • The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai, by P & F McKissack
      ISBN 0-8050-4259-8
    • Gold:  the true story of why people search for it, mine it, trade it, steal it, shape it, wear it, fight and kill for it, M. Meltzer ISBN 0-06-022983-7
    • Footsteps:  issue on Mansa Musa, king of Mali (and ruler over the gold trade)
    • MaliLand of Gold & Glory

Barbara B. Brown, Ph.D.
Director, Public Education on Africa
March 2005