BU’s Resources for Teaching African Geography

Take advantage of our many many African geography resources:

  • Our eye-popping poster, How Big Is Africa?, says it all by showing that all of Europe + the U.S. + China can easily fit inside Africa. The poster comes with a detailed teaching guide for all grades.
  • Do Africans See Wildlife? is a brilliant, full-color poster that serves to dispel the myth that people in Africa live among giraffes, elephants and other similar animals. It pictures Africans from around the continent telling when they first saw wildlife. Their answers are sure to surprise and enlighten.
  • Our website has lesson plans, primary documents, teaching tips especially for Africa, links to the best sites for teaching about Africa, and much more.
  • Our Teaching Africa Library is for teachers with 2,000 books for children and teens, plus 300 curriculum guides, 200 videos and  DVDs, clothing to borrow, traveling kits, and more. We’re generally open M–F, 9 am–5 pm, but email or call before you come to be sure we haven’t stepped out. (617-353-7303 africa@bu.edu)  From 3 pm on, parking is rarely a problem! Our address is 232 Bay State Rd, Boston MA 02215.
  • Barbara Brown, Outreach Director, can advise you on the best resources to meet your particular needs, can be reached at 617-353-7303, africa@bu.edu and enjoys working with individual teachers to map out a great teaching unit.
  • The Outreach Program offers professional development workshops at NERC, for school districts and in cooperation with other organizations.
  • You can subscribe to our outreach mailing list by going here.  Don’t worry about us overloading your email, as we send out only about eight emails a year about special events or summer programs for teachers interested in Africa.