About the Outreach Program

The Outreach Program brings Veronique Tadjo,  a children's book author from  Côte d'Ivoire, to Milton Public Schools, 2014.

The Outreach Program brings Veronique Tadjo, a children’s book author from Côte d’Ivoire, to Milton Public Schools, 2014.


Opened in 1979, the Outreach Program seeks to increase awareness and knowledge of Africa by providing information, materials, and services to schools, libraries, museums, the media, and community groups in New England and throughout the country. The Outreach Program is part of Boston University’s African Studies Center, established in 1953 as an interdisciplinary teaching and research center.


Outreach Director Barbara B. Brown, PhD, has extensive experience in education and African affairs. She has taught at the middle school and university level in the United States. In Africa, she taught at the University of Botswana and has worked for shorter periods in a number of other African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Benin. Dr. Brown has prepared curriculum materials on several African countries and has led numerous workshops on Africa as well as on the broader issues of multicultural education.

Outreach Specialist Breeanna Elliott is a licensed Massachusetts History teacher with several years of experience living, working, teaching, and researching in Africa. She is primarily an East Africanist and has engaged with secondary school and university level coursework concerning the entire continent.

Teachers browse titles from the the Children's African Book Awards (CABA) at the African Studies Association Teacher Workshop in Baltimore, 2013.

Teachers browse titles from the the Children’s African Book Awards (CABA) at the African Studies Association Teacher Workshop in Baltimore, 2013.

Our Resources

The Teaching Africa Library houses a substantial collection open to the public. The library collection focuses on material of use to classroom teachers. Audiovisual materials may be borrowed through the mail, while print materials are generally lent only to visitors. The Teaching Africa Library is open upon appointment to best meet your needs. Summer hours are only by special arrangement. Resources include:

  • 200+ curriculum guides and lesson plans
  • 100+ videos for all ages
  • 1,500+ slides
  • 700+ children’s books
  • handouts on key topics
  • maps
  • mounted posters
  • games
  • background information for teachers
  • referrals for speakers and performances
  • kits about children in several countries


The Outreach Program frequently consults for major publishers and museums. Please contact us directly if we can be of assistance.

Title VI National Resource Centers

The Outreach Program is one of twelve such federally funded programs in the United States that are designed to broaden accessibility of knowledge about Africa (see here for a list of other outreach programs). The constituencies we serve include, but are not limited to, the following groups:

  • K-12 students and teachers
  • Community college students and teachers
  • Companies and business organizations
  • Educational organizations

Our services are available to individuals and organizations throughout the country, and broadly include providing speakers, sponsoring workshops, lending books, videos, artifacts, curricula, and teaching kits, advising and designing cultural activities, arranging lectures and presentations, and consulting with businesses and organizations. We work with other institutions, such as museums and libraries, which are also committed to public education about Africa.

Copyright Info

All materials may be downloaded for use in classrooms or by community organizations. Please contact us for permission for other uses.

Contact Us

Telephone: 617-353-7303
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Email: africa@bu.edu

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