The Teaching Africa Outreach Program


The Outreach Program has one overarching priority–to promote teaching Africa in U.S. schools. We aim to help make the work of teachers easier while also encouraging the incorporation of African and African-related studies in every classroom. Contact us for support!

Teacher Resources Available

The Outreach Program maintains the Teaching Africa Library, which is a multifaceted collection of literature for young and adult readers, recommended textbooks for various levels of learners, hard-to-find award-winning African films, and material culture kits. 

Resources available for teachers include curriculum guides and lesson plans; multimedia resources; nonfiction and fiction books about Africa; maps and historic posters; games; speaker referral service; material culture kits. Many of our resources are featured in schools nationwide, such as the “How Big is Africa” map poster available for purchase here.

Getting Started

1. Join our e-mailing list for our bi-monthly newsletters with information on new teaching resources, professional development opportunities, events, and grants.

2. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know the happenings at the BU African Studies Center, stay up-to-date on Africa-related current events, and check out the stunning visuals we post from faculty, staff, and student trips to the African continent.

3. Visit our Resources for Teachers page to select from a number of grade-specific and content-specific topics to explore the online resources we have available. Don’t see what you were hoping for? Contact us and we can offer additional resources.