Inès Ouedraogo

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  • The Walk of the Black Women, Rio.

  • The Walk of the Black Women

  • Singing and Dancing at the Walk of the Black Women, Rio.

PhD Candidate, Romance Studies

Inès was in Rio de Janeiro conducting preliminary dissertation research, improving her Portuguese, and polishing her samba dancing skills. Studying Brazilian literature and cinema, Inès is exploring how people, of African descent in particular, can be transgressors or oppressors within their societies. She participated in events with the Theater of the Oppressed in a workshop on women of African descent feeling marginalized in Brazilian society, presented a poem “O transe du caméléon” at Ricardo Chacal’s CEP 20000 (Center of Poetic Experimentation), and participated in a dance-poem performance unifying Tunisian mezwed and Carioca samba.