September 2010

Theodore Trefon (*) wrote a brief for the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Center based at the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen (Norway). This September 2010 brief is titled “Forest governance in Congo: Corruption rules”, and it can be accessed at:

Josef Gugler (*) is the editor of a forthcoming book: “Film in the Middle East and North Africa: Creative Dissidence” (Austin, TX, University of Texas Press / January 2011, xiv + 368 pages, 54 b&w illustrations. ISBN: 978-0-292-72327-6 $60.00. Also at Cairo, American University in Cairo Press, $39.95 or LE 150.00 –for sale only in the Middle East-– ISBN 978 977 416 424 8). For further information about this book, see: / or :

Max Liniger-Goumaz (*) et Djongele Bokokó Boko viennent de publier “Guinea Ecuatorial: Rica pero miserable” (Genève: Les Éditions du Temps, 2010; 166 pp; ill. FRS 24,00). Selon ses auteurs, “ce livre rappelle la persistance de la dictature dans le seul pays hispanohone d’Afrique sub-saharienne. Il fait état du mutisme du monde nanti qui se contente de consommer le pétrole, le gaz naturel et le bois en tolerant les violations des droits de l’homme et en négligeant le pillage des revenues du pays par le clan que domine Teodoro Obiang Nguema.” (Diffusion: 1308- La Chaux, Suisse).

William F.S. Miles (*) recently published an article titled: “Bulls, Goats and Pedagogy: Engaging Students in Overseas Development Aid” in PS: Political Science and Politics: 42 (2009); pp. 181-187. Earlier, his article “Legacies of Anglo-French Colonial Borders: A West African & Southeast Asian Comparison” was published in the Journal of Borderlands Studies, 23:2 (2008).

Philippe Decraene (*) a fourni un article sur “Les ancêtres du panafricanisme” pour le nº 36 de la revue Géopolitique africaine (2, place Joffre; Paris 75007) consacré à “L’Afrique et les nouveaux enjeux planétaires”.

Tony Chafer (*) and Emmanuel Godin co-edited “The End of the French Exception? Decline and Revival of the ‘French Model’” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010; 296 pages – ISBN 978 0 23022 078 2 – £60.00). This collective work seeks to understand how the French polity has responded to external pressures such as Europeanization and globalization: what, if anything, makes French responses ‘exceptional’, or at least different, compared to those of other countries? How are we to understand these differences? And how might this analysis lead us to rethink or modify our hypothesis of French exceptionalism? The contributors analyze the ways in which the notion of the French exception has informed both academic analysis and political commentary on France today. Adopting a comparative and interdisciplinary approach it examines the resilience of the concept of French exceptionalism and evaluates its relevance in a changing domestic and global context. In the concluding section, Chafer and Godin deal with “French Exceptionalism and the Sarkozy Presidency”.

Louis Aucoin (*) collaborated with Laurel E. Miller (ed.) in the production of the collective work titled: “Framing the State in Times of Transition: Case Studies in Constitution Making” (Washington, DC: United States Institute of Peace, 2010; 740 pp.; $49.95 – ISBN: 978 1 60127 055 9), to which he also contributed (with Michele Brandt) a chapter on “East Timor’s constitutional passage to independence”. Among the other cases covered are those of Eritrea, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.