October 2009

Adeline Masquelier (*) has just published a new book Women and Islamic Revival in a West African Town (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2009, 376 pages, $27.95). This ethnographic study follows the career of a charismatic Muslim preacher in Niger and documents the engagement of women in the religious debates that are refashioning their everyday lives. Earlier this year Masquelier published an essay in an edited volume: “Lessons from Rubí: Love, Poverty, and the Educational Value of Televised Dramas in Niger” in Love in Africa. Jennifer Cole and Lynn M. Thomas, eds. pp.204-228. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Adeline Masquelier is the Executive co-Editor of the Journal of Religion in Africa (website at: http://www.brill.nl/jra).

Eileen Julien (*) has published Travels with Mae: Scenes from a New Orleans Girlhood, which appeared over the summer of 2009 from Indiana University Press). Julien, Biodun Jeyifo and Karin Barber met in Hong Kong in May with other contributors to LAWH (Literature: A Word History), a project of the Stockholm Collegium of World Literary History.

Guy Martin (*) a donné la leçon inaugurale sur le thème “Introduction à la Citoyenneté en Afrique” lors de la 2ème session de l’Académie de Droit et Justice Constitutionnels en Afrique” qui s’est tenue à Yaoundé du 27 juillet au 8 août 2009 sous les auspices de l’IGC (Initiatives de Gouvernance Citoyenne), une ONG de droit camerounais [voir leur site à: http://www.citizens-governance.org/spip.php?rubrique2&lang=fr ].

Guy Martin est également l‘auteur du chapitre “Fighting Terrorism in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel”, inclus (pp. 172-188) dans l’ouvrage collectif inititulé “Assessing George W. Bush’s Africa Policy & Suggestions for Barack Obama and African Leaders” (New York: iUniverse, 2009; 304 pages – ISBN-10: 1440154546 / ISBN-13: 978-1440154546).

Marc Michel (*) a publié : “Essai sur la colonisation positive. Affrontements et accomodements en Afrique noire (1830-1930)” [ Paris, Perrin, 2009. 417 pp.; € 22,00 – ISBN-10: 2262024863 – ISBN-13: 978-2262024864].

Andreas Mehler (*) has published an article titled: “Peace and Power Sharing in Africa: A Not So Obvious Relationship” in African Affairs 2009 -108: pp. 453-473 [doi:10.1093/afraf/adp038] in which he notes: “Peace accords usually involve top politicians and military leaders, who negotiate, sign, and/or benefit from an agreement. What is conspicuously absent from such negotiations is broad-based participation by those who should benefit in the first place: citizens. More specifically, the local level of security provision and insecurity production is rarely taken into account. The analysis of recent African peace agreements shows important variations in power-sharing devices and why it is important to ask who is sharing power with whom. Experiences with power sharing are mixed and far less positive than assumed by outside negotiators.”