Hailing originally from Somalia, Deeqo Jibril is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and ardent activist of social justice. She has worked with the ABCD Housing department as a case coordinator, helping countless Immigrants to understand and obtain affordable housing. Her social activism includes contributing to Senator Jarrett Barrios’, Governor Deval Patrick ‘s, and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns. Deeqo was chosen by the Massachusetts Commissioner on the Status of Women as one of their “Unsung Heroes.” Over the last four years, Deeqo’s work has concentrated on providing support for Somali youth and young adults, and families struggling with symptoms related to loss, trauma, and resettlement challenges.

Ms. Jibril is the founder of the Somali Community and Cultural Association (SCCA) in Boston with a vision to support and elevate the role of Boston’s Somali community in the political, social, and economic life of the city. She is also the founder of the African Mall in Roxbury. In 2017, she ran for Boston City Council and narrowly missed becoming the City Councilor for District 7. Currently, Ms. Jibril works at the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development as a Neighborhood Business Manager.

Guided by her diverse experience and training in community organizing on civic and political issues, Deeqo is a skillful coordinator and recruiter within communities that are not traditionally engaged in civic and political processes. These activities are buoyed by her personal experiences as an immigrant and fueled by her passion to see greater representation of these communities in civic, business and public offices.

Ms. Jibril has also supported initiatives in Somalia. She organized a group of Somali Diaspora in Boston to build an elementary school in Puntland, Somalia. Recently, she visited Puntland to facilitate a water management project.  Her activities are assisted by Project Cure that is donating medical supplies to Puntland Hospital. She met the project staff when speaking at the at the Harvard Global Health Summit in May. Throughout all her activities, Deeqo is deeply committed to building bridges between the African diaspora and African communities for a mutually beneficial collaboration and dialogue.