"L'intervention française au Mali et ses implications"

6:00 pm on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
CAS 430
Une conférence organisée par l’Association francophone de Boston University avec la participation de Dr. Edouard Bustin ; Dr. Odile Cazenave ; Mr. Djamel Bekkai ; Ms. Katherine Lakin-Shultz et l'aide de Ms. Liliane Duséwoir. The conference aims to provide an overview of the contemporary history of Africa (from la mission civilisatrice to present times) and the facts relating to the current events in Mali. A professor in Bamako, Mali will speak to the audience live through Skype regarding the current situation in Mali and her perspectives of the intervention as a resident of Bamako, following which, experts from Boston University will discuss the issues surrounding the intervention in Mali, and weigh the potential implications. The event is presented in French, while questions during the Q&A session can be posed in English.