Summer African Language Study and Summer FLAS

Summer Language Program Eligibility

Any student, undergraduate or graduate, who is a US citizen, can apply for a Summer Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship to study an African language in the US. Only BU students can be supported with FLAS funding to study an African language abroad.

Undergraduates applying for a Summer FLAS to study in an overseas program must have completed at least one year of language study to qualify. Only graduate students are eligible to study a language overseas at the beginning level, and then only if there is not a US-based program for that language available.

Undergraduate seniors graduating in May must be accepted into a graduate program for the following fall semester in order to qualify for a Summer FLAS. Seniors can qualify for the Summer FLAS if their official graduation occurs during the summer.

For a complete list of African language programs available nationwide, please visit

Funding Support for Summer Programs

Applications for Summer FLAS are due February 15.

It is recommended that students apply for a FLAS from the program or center teaching the language you wish to study, and any other institutions offering FLAS fellowships. African Studies centers and programs at the following institutions offer FLAS fellowships:

Boston University, Harvard University, Indiana University, Michigan State University, University of Illinois, Northwestern, University of Minnesota, University of Florida, University of Kansas, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Yale University.

Summer 2016 African Languages

On campus language offerings

For information about the on-campus courses, dates of instruction, tuition and registration please see the Summer Term website (  Click on the language name to see our language brochure.

Overseas BU summer programs

Rabat Arabic Language and Service Learning Program (Rabat, Morocco)
Swahili Language and Culture in East Africa (Zanzibar, Tanzania)
Ghana Service Learning (no language component)

Studying at BU

On-campus housing is available, though less expensive sub-lets are available in the Boston area during the summer. For more information regarding off-campus housing go here.