Visiting Researchers

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Name Discipline Interest
Pamela Allara Art Contemporary art, South Africa
Jean Borgatti Art History Nigeria, African arts and culture production
Dan Connell Political Science Human rights and development in transitional societies; refugees, forced migration and trafficking; Eritrea, Sudan. See profile here. See bibliography on Eritrea here.
Heidi Gengenbach History Gender & Technology
Jeanne Koopman Economics Economic and environmental history of the Senegal River Valley
Roger-Claude Liwanga Human Rights Law Child trafficking for labor and sexual exploitation in the artisanal mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Lily Mabura English & African Literature Author, How Shall We Kill the Bishop and Other Stories African Writers Series (Heinemann-Pearson, Essex, UK). Interest in Women’s & Gender Studies; Contemporary Literatures; Transhistorical African and Diasporic Literatures; World and Transnational Literatures; Postcolonial Literatures; American Literature; Refugee Studies; Comparative Approaches to Literature; Arabophone Literatures in English; and Creative Writing
Victor Manfredi Linguistics/Anthropology Igbo, Yoruba, and African Diaspora linguistics
Ivor Miller African Studies Nigeria, Cuba, performance
Susanne Mueller Political Science Democratization, conflict, development; countries of expertise: Eastern and Southern Africa
Donna Patterson History pharmacology, global health policy, gender, and the history of medicine; Senegal, Ethiopia
Jeanne Penvenne History Mozambique, women, labor history
Daivi Rodima-Taylor Anthropology Mutual help associations and cooperative work; fiduciary culture, savings/credit and remittances; informal public authority and vigilantism; land and resource tenure; Tanzania; East Africa
Walter Sangree Anthropology Nigeria, Irigwe culture, Kenya, Baluiya Tiriki
Jennifer Yanco Linguistics West Africa, indigenous languages, WARA (director)