Tanzania Education Corp Seeks Program Coordinator

in Center News
May 12th, 2017


Tanzania Education Corp is seeking a Program Coordinator to live in Karatu, Tanzania

and work at Tumaini Schools. We are seeking a new staff member to join our team on the ground and work in close collaboration with the existing Program Coordinator sharing all key responsibilities as described below.

Tanzania Education Corp (TEC) supports high-quality education in Tanzania through partnership with locally-run schools. This support is both financial and programmatic — through initiatives such as student sponsorship, cross-cultural learning opportunities, international volunteer programs, library development, computer science classes, professional development and more. TEC was established to support Tumaini Junior School (TJS) which was founded by a Tanzanian couple, Modest and Lightness Bayo, in their own home. From these humble beginnings with only 17students, TJS is now the top school in the district and in the top 0.7% of all primary schools in the nation. In order to address the need for a high-quality secondary education for TJS graduates, TEC and Tumaini Schools founded Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS) in 2016 and has implemented innovative programs there such as computer programming and project based learning classes. TEC continues to work with the all-East African staff at Tumaini Schools to ensure that all 1,000 students currently enrolled receive the highest quality education possible.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for managing all on-the-ground projects being implemented by TEC at Tumaini Schools across all three of its campuses. The role encompasses a wide range of duties spanning from our sponsorship program, communications and marketing strategies, social media, volunteer coordination, and M&E efforts. The role requires communicating with many people of diverse ages, roles, and backgrounds including students, teachers, administration, volunteers, international school groups, and visitors.