Prof. McCann Interviewed about African Cuisine on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview

in Center News
December 13th, 2011


Though Africa is often associated with famine, the continent has a rich food history that few outsiders understand. Today, as part of our occasional series Food Mondays, Worldview takes a look at the history of African food with James McCann, author of Stirring the Pot: A History of African Cuisine.
In his book, James uses African cuisine as a lens to explore the continent on a deep, cultural level. He tackles a whole array of foods — including New World imports that were integrated into Africa like maize, hot peppers, cassava and plantains, as well as modern dishes that have roots in Africa like jambalaya, Cuban rice and beans, and African American soul food. The influence of Africa’s food, he argues, can be felt in kitchens around the globe.