Undergraduate Study

Students pose at the African American Studies’ Minors Dinner 2017

The African American Studies minor provides an introduction to the study of the experiences of African Americans as well as the cultural products and insights gained from these experiences. Courses are designed to make students aware of the complexities of these experiences and to explore connections and differences between Americans of African descent, other Americans, and global populations. Due to the particular details of American history and the legacies of slavery, immigration and racism, critical investigation of race, ethnicity, and other forms of collective identity is a central concern of the program. Also crucial is the comparison of African American experiences with those of other cultural groups, as well as a focused study of the intellectual, cultural and political contributions of Africans in America.

The African American Studies Program aims to give undergraduate students a better understanding of a complex world. An integral part of your education at Boston University, African American Studies courses are cross listed with several other departments and programs—History, English, Sociology, International Relations, Economics, Art History, Religion, and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Undergraduates may choose from a wide range of courses or add a Minor in African American Studies Studies to enhance their academic focus. Options for study include the choice of one of our two courses that fulfill Core/Divisional Studies requirements: AA 103/EN 129 Introduction to African American Literature which qualifies for CAS Humanities credit and AA 207/SO 207 Race and Ethnic Relations, which likewise qualifies as CAS Social Sciences credit. The Minor in African American Studies is composed of six courses. Two are required courses (AA371/HI371 African American History and AA580/HI580 The History of Racial Thought) and the other four are electives. In addition, a student may double-count two of those four electives, applying them to your major’s requirements as well.

The African American Studies Program offers undergraduate students experiences that move outside the classroom. Academic outings take students to Boston and beyond, from the Black Heritage Trail, the Museum of Science, and Huntington Theatre productions to exhibitions and installations of African American art in Western Massachusetts. Each semester, our Lecture Series brings important speakers, panel discussions, and films to the larger BU community. In the social gatherings with which we mark the semester’s opening and close and the many events in between, connections are made and friendships formed.

The African American Studies Program is located on South Campus at 138 Mountfort Street, across St. Mary’s St. Bridge from Comm Ave. If you’d like to know more, please contact Dr. Mary Anne Boelcskevy, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at mboelcsk@bu.edu or 617-358-1422.

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