African American Studies Research

English & Literature

  • Mary Anne Boelcskevy
    • African American literature; especially the novel, pedagogy, women’s studies, and cultural perspectives
  • Laurence A. Breiner
    • Literatures of the English-speaking Caribbean, including poetry and drama
  • Louis Chude-Sokei
    • Literature, Theory, Technology, Music, Diaspora
  • Ianna Hawkins Owen
    • Fiction, African diaspora theory, asexuality, failure and freedom
  • Anita Patterson
    • American literature, modernism, and black poetry of the Americas
  • Takeo Rivera
    • Performance studies with a focus on race, sexuality, and gender in U.S. American cultural production, Asian American literature, playwriting, contemporary drama, new media, critical theory
  • Saida Grundy
    • Feminist sociology, masculinity, analysis of institutions
  • John Stone
    • Comparative race and ethnic relations, international migration, social change and sociological theory
  • Paula Austin
    • History of race and racism, history of social science
  • Linda Heywood
    • Diaspora studies, history of Angola, Colonial & Modern African History since 1870, Women in Africa, Caribbean and Africa
  • John Thornton
    • African and Atlantic History, diaspora studies
Music & Art
  • Cynthia Becker
    • Arts of the Imazighen (Berbers) in northwestern Africa, carnival arts in New Orleans, New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, the removal of confederate monuments in New Orleans, Trans-Saharan slave trade, constructions of Blackness in Morocco
  • Michael Birenbaum Quintero
    • Afro-Colombians, Afro-Latin America, Caribbean, US Latinx, Ethnomusicology, Cultural Politics, Sound Studies, Popular Music, Religiosity, Technology, Circulation, and Violence
  • Joyce Hope Scott
    • Diaspora studies, African Spirituality in literature and culture of America, Media and Race, Global Perspectives on Reparations, Restitution & Restorative Justice, Law and Narrative in the African American Literary Tradition, African American & Women’s Narratives of Resistance
Political Science
  • Katherine Levine Einstein
    • Urban politics and policy, racial and ethnic politics, political geography, and American public policy
  • Spencer Piston
    • Race, class, the welfare state, and the criminal justice system
  • Margarita Simon Guillory
    • American religious history, digital religion, and religion and popular culture; identity construction in Africana esoteric religions, religion and technology, and social scientific approaches to religion
Social Work
  • Robert Eschmann
    • Race; social media; education; violence prevention; community organizing; activism

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