Spring Break Cuba Course open for registration!

January 20th, 2016 in Events

African American Studies and The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies are pleased to announce a course offering for a Spring 2016 trip to Cuba.

“Experiencing Cuba: History, Culture and Politics” will take place March 5-12. Registration is open at the BU Student Link. The trip will count as one credit.

“Experiencing Cuba” will be led by Profs. Linda Heywood and Renata Keller. It follows on last year’s successful Cuba trip – the first organized by BU since the historic normalization of relations between the US and Cuba in December 2014.

“This is a great time to explore Cuba, as the historical process of improving U.S.-Cuban relations is just getting underway,” Keller said. “Students will be able to witness the effects of the rapprochement first-hand, while also learning about many other aspects of Cuba’s history and its current place in the world.”

Some of the offerings planned for “Experiencing Cuba” include:

Visits to the University of Havana as well as cultural exchange with Cuban university students
Informational exchange on Cuban health care with doctors and nurses
Visits to the Angolan Embassy and ICAP
Exclusive artistic and cultural events

For a complete listing of activities, Boston-University-Program-to-Cuba-2016
Students wishing to obtain more information on the “Experiencing Cuba” program should email Deirdre James (dejames@bu.edu).

“Anti-Racist Cuban Thought: A Perspective from Within the Island,” Dec. 3

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AFAM alum Richard Bailey GRS ’13 records ASL translation for The Boston Landmarks Orchestra

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AFAM alum Richard Bailey GRS ’13 recorded an ASL translation video of the MLK speech for The Boston Landmarks Orchestra’s “I Have a Dream” 50th Anniversary Concert in 2013.

The translation is available here.

See original coverage of the story here.

Recap: “Let’s Talk About It, Part I: Race, Power and Privilege”

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AFAM Minor alum Chelsea Roberts COM ’14 shared her experiences to hundreds on Nov 2, 2015 at BU’s “Let’s Talk About It: Conversations on Identity, Inclusion and Social Action. Part I: Race, Power and Privilege” at GSU Metcalf Hall.

Those not able to attend can hear a recent and similar talk Chelsea gave here.

News from the Delta, from AFAM Minor alum Kaylee Bruckler CAS ’14

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Kaylee Bruckler CAS ’14, who is in her second year of teaching at Solomon Magnet School, Greenville, MS—

“My minor in African American Studies has found itself useful in my science classroom. Recently, my seventh graders and I covered Genetics. My kids always seem to ask the best questions, and immediately the conversation travelled toward genetics and skin color. We spoke about how traits are genetically passed from parents to offspring, and how certain traits are more favorable in given environments. While middle schoolers are not known for their maturity or attention-spans, I was so proud when my students had a wonderful discussion about racism — and how these ideas of genetic selection are often misrepresented and taken out of context for racist propaganda. …

Often, the Delta is presented as having a strict dichotomy in its population. There are black community members, and there are white community members. In most small towns, a literal train track might divide where the two populations stay. However, I’ve recently learned a little bit about Native American populations and their history in the Mississippi Delta. My students recently went on a Social Studies field trip to Winterville Native American Mounds — a spiritual center for tribes native to Mississippi. I was very thankful that my kids were given some exposure (imperfect as it may be) to cultures they may not see or hear on a day-to-day basis. …

If you have any senior students who are interested in applying to Teach for America, or even just interested in researching race or education in the Delta, please feel free to give them my contact information!

“The ‘Alyne’ Case: Maternal Mortality, Intersectional Discrimination, and the Human Right to Health in Brazil,” Nov. 16

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“American Racecraft: Race and Racism in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter” on Nov. 10

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African Christian Biography Conference

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Check out the “African Christian Biography: Narratives, Beliefs, and Boundaries” conference.

Dr. Thornton and Dr. Heywood are giving presentations today.

10:30 – 12:30 Concurrent Paper Sessions
– John Thornton, King Afonso of Kongo
6:00 – 8:00 Dinner and Plenary (Castle, 225 Bay State Rd)
– Linda Heywood, Queen Njinga of Angola: Spirituality and Politics

Dr. Patricia Hills to Celebrate Art and Life of Winifred Rembert, Oct. 29

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“Abolition and Racialization in Brazil,” Oct. 27 Lecture by Professor Wlamyra Albuquerque

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