Fall 2018 Sociology Seminar Series

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On Monday November 12th at 12pm in the Sociology Department Rm 241, we encourage everyone to come to Sociology’s upcoming seminar series featuring Robert Eschmann. In this seminar, he will be discussing how the internet plays a role in the way people form responses to microaggressions.

Small Magazines and Black Internationalism: Corridors of Storytelling

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Join us on November 6th for a lecture from Dr. Christopher Ouma of the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

He will discuss contemporary African small magazines in lateral and multi-directional relationships to early twentieth century and interwar black print cultures, as well as those that emerged in the period of Cold War, like Transition and Black Orpheus, exploring how black print cultures are used as platforms of Pan-Africanism and Black Internationalism.

Louis Chude-Sokei speaks to BU Arts & Sciences magazine

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AFAM Studies Program Director, Louis Chude-Sokei speaks to BU Arts & Sciences magazine about his work and plans for the African American Studies Program.

Think of African American studies and robots probably aren’t what comes to mind. But the new director of CAS’ African American Studies Program points out that the way we think about robots and artificial intelligence today is the same way white people once thought about black people. In fact, he says, the word robot was coined by a Czech playwright, from an old Slavonic word for forced labor.

“Do they have intellect? Do they have souls? Can they make choices? Are they human? Now, where have we heard these questions before?” says Louis Chude-Sokei, a professor of English and holder of the George and Joyce Wein Chair in African American Studies. He’s also the editor-in-chief of The Black Scholar, ranked by Princeton as the top journal of black studies in the United States. …more.

Screening of “Gurumbé: Afroandalusian Memories”

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2019 Spring Break Cuba Trip & Course

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We’re so excited to announce our annual trip to Cuba is back again. This year, it is in collaboration with CFA’s Ethnomusicology Department. The alternative spring break trip will allow students to explore the history, politics, and culture of Havana, Cuba.

Please email afamcuba@bu.edu for more information.

Book Talk with Professor Michael Birenbaum Quintero

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Professor Michael Birenbaum Quintero, who studies and teaches ethnomusicology, will have a book signing and discussion of his forthcoming bookRites, Rights, & Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Columbia’s Black Pacific, on Thursday, December 6th at 4pm.

Please join us as we celebrate and discuss this new book, which which traces the history of currulao music in Colombia, the nation with the largest black population in the Spanish-speaking world.



New Religion and AFAM Studies Course

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Take a look at this new course that is cross-listed between the African American Studies Program and the Department of Religion. It is called African American Religious History and is taught by Professor Margarita Guillory.

A historical survey of religions practiced by people of African descent living in North America. Students explore the diverse terrain of African American religiosity, which includes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Spiritualism, and African-derived religions.

The course codes are CAS RN311 and CAS AA311. The course will meet MWF at 11:15AM-12:05PM

UCLA Professor Emeritus Donald Cosentino to speak at BU

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AFAM Studies alum Zawdie Sandvliet creates new Black Studies course at University of Amsterdam

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Zawdie Sandvliet (GRS ’10), an AFAM Studies Master’s Graduate, has shared some exciting news with our program. After the completion of his degree, he returned to the Netherlands to further his studies and is currently working towards another Master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam.

Last year, the University of Amsterdam held a contest for students to submit new course ideas that they would develop, and Zawdie submitted an idea for an Afro-Dutch Studies course and won. The interdisciplinary course uses African American Studies courses as a model, covering both historical and modern situations and issues of Dutch people of African descent.

Zawdie is currently finishing up the syllabus plan and will serve as a teaching assistant and coordinator as the class — one of the first of its kind — debuts this fall.

Dr. Chude-Sokei’s lecture at Carnegie Melon University

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African American Studies Program Director and Professor Louis Chude-Sokei presented a lecture on Race, Colonialism, Technology and Artificial Intelligence at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute last week.