Cynthia Becker
Associate Professor of History of Art & Architecture
725 Commonwealth Ave, Room 305B
617-353-1471 | cjbecker@bu.edu

Michael Birenbaum Quintero
Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology
880 Commonwealth Avenue
(617) 353-3341 | mbq@bu.edu

Mary Anne Boelcskevy
Master Lecturer in African American Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies, African American Studies
138 Mountfort Street, Room 204
617-358-1422 | mboelcsk@bu.edu

Laurence A. Breiner
Professor of English
236 Bay State Road, Room 421
617-358-2544 | lbrei@bu.edu

Louis Chude-Sokei
Professor of English
George and Joyce Wein Chair in African American Studies
Director, African American Studies Program
138 Mountfort Street, Room 201
617-358-1420| locs@bu.edu

Saida Grundy
Assistant Professor of Sociology and African American Studies
100 Cummington Mall, Suite 260

Linda Heywood
Professor of History and African American Studies
138 Mountfort Street, Room 202
617-358-3389 | heywood@bu.edu

Joyce Hope Scott 
Clinical Professor in African American Studies
138 Mountfort Street, Room 103
617-358-0540 | hopescot@bu.edu

John Thornton
Professor of History and African American Studies
Director, Graduate Studies
138 Mountfort Street, Room 205
617-358-1423 | jkthorn@bu.edu


Margarita Simon Guillory
Associate Professor of Religion
145 Bay State Road
617-358-1754 | mlsg@bu.edu

Takeo Rivera
Assistant Professor of English   
BA, MA, Stanford University; PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Robert Eschmann
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
BA, Wheaton College; AM, PhD, University of Chicago

Spencer Piston
Assistant Professor of Political Science  
B.A., Grinnell College; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Katherine Levine Einstein
Assistant Professor of Political Science
232 Bay State Road, Room 222-223
617-358-6315 | kleinst@bu.edu

Timothy Longman
Associate Professor of Political Science, Director, Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs (CURA)  
BA, Phillips University; MA, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

James C. McCann
Professor of History, Associate Director for Development, African Studies Center
BA, Northwestern University; MA, PhD, Michigan State University

Anita Patterson
Professor of English
BA, Harvard College; MA, PhD, Harvard University

Ronald K. Richardson
Associate Professor of History
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York, Binghamton

John Stone
Professor of Sociology
MA, Cambridge University, PhD, Oxford University


Allison Blakely
Professor Emeritus of History, College of Arts and Sciences
BA, University of Oregon, Eugene; MA, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Adelaide M. Cromwell
Professor Emerita of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences
Founder of the African American Studies Program
AB, Smith College; AM, University of Pennsylvania; PhD, Harvard University

Patricia Hills
Professor Emerita of History of Art and Architecture, College of Arts and Sciences
BA, Stanford University; MA, City University of New York; PhD, New York University

James E. Teele
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences
BA, Virginia Union University; MA, PhD, New York University