WINNIE:The Epic Untold Love Story

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Thursday, November 15, 2012, 5:15 P.M.
LSE B01 24 Cummington Street
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Film Screening followed by discussion led by Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob (Author of Winnie Mandela: A Life)
BU Center for the Humanities, BU Dept. of History, BU African Studies Center, African Students Organization, and the BU Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program.
5:15 PM |African cultural cuisine courtesy of the African Students Organization
6:00 PM | Welcome and Introduction by Professor Linda Heywood, Professor of History and African-American Studies
6:15-6:45 PM | Talk by Anne Marie Du Preez Bezdrob
6:45 PM | Film, Winnie: The Epic Untold Love Story
8:30-8:45 PM | Discussion by Anne Marie Du Preez Bezdrob and commentary by African Student Organization representative

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This talk covers Winnie Mandela’s development as a prominent political leader, her role in the formation and   establishment of a democratic South Africa in 1994 and thereafter. It explores her natural leadership qualities as a member of a prominent royal family; her political   development; the question whether – and if so to what extent – her political role and leadership was predisposed by her relationship with Nelson Mandela; her overt political role and carefully orchestrated sacrifices for the sake of the new political dispensation; and the allegations against her of kidnapping and murder.




Guest speaker Anne Marie Du Preez Bezdrob is the author of the  biography Winne Mandela: A Life, on which this film is based. She is a published author of numerous  bioptic essays and books; a communications specialist and political activist from Craighall,  Johannesburg, South Africa. Her works include the following:

– Winnie Mandela – A Life (Random House/Struik 2003), The Nelson Mandela Story (Samoja Books  2006), Sarajevo Roses: War Memoir of a Peacekeeper (Random House/Struik 2004)

– Glass Jars Among Trees, Essay  (Jacana 2003), Romances to Remember: South Africans in Love, Essay – (Human & Rossouw 2008), Ware Liefde: Bekende Suid-Afrikaanse paartjies, Essay – (Human & Rossouw 2008)