African American Studies Program founder, Professor Adelaide Cromwell dies at 99

CROMWELL, Adelaide McGuinn, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Sociology, Boston University, peacefully gave life a passing grade in hospice care on June 8, 2019. She held her final class in Brookline, Massachusetts, where she resided for 44 of her 99 years, encouraging her acolytes here, near and abroad-to improve themselves as global citizens, with a particular imperative to empower women, […]

AfAm Studies Minor, Adia Turner at BU Commencement

Student Speaker to Reflect on Historic Moments Her Class Has Lived Through | BU Today | Boston University “I want to talk about what a specific time in history my class has lived through, how we have found our voice amidst such a turbulent time, and instead of shying away from all of that, we […]

Graduating AFAM Studies Minors Ceremony and Reception on Saturday!

You are invited! Come say farewell to our graduating AFAM Studies Minors on Saturday, May 18th at 2:00 pm at CAS B12, 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. There will be a short ceremony followed by a reception at 3:00 pm at the African American Studies building, located at 138 Mountfort Street Brookline, MA.

Religion & the Strange: Boundary Making and Crossing

Call for Papers-Deadline is May 20th! Boston University Graduate Program in Religion Conference  Sunday, September 15, 2019 “People are strange, when you’re a stranger.” – The Doors Religions sanction and sacralize, they legitimate and legislate, creating rhythms for solidarity and comfort. But not everyone hears the same tune. Who defines the strange, and how? What does religion […]

Fall 2019: Labor, Sexuality, and Resistance in the Afro-Atlantic World

CAS AA 514 /HI584: Labor, Sexuality, and Resistance in the Afro-Atlantic World The course will be led by Dr. John K. Thornton, Professor of History and African American Studies, and it will meet Mondays at 2:30-5:15 p.m. The role of slavery in shaping the society and culture of the Afro-Atlantic world, highlighting the role of […]

Deirdre James awarded CAS/GRS Outstanding Service Award

Congratulations to Deirdre James, our program administrator, for being recognized for all her invaluable work and service to AFAM’s students, the Program, and Boston University with the 2019 Outstanding Service Award. She continuously demonstrates exceptional care for students, serves as a role model for others, and promotes exceptional working relationships both within AFAM and across […]

Fall 2019 Course Offerings for fulfilling the Hub

The following list of courses have been approved for the Hub: CAS AA103: Intro to African-American Literature—Mary Anne Boelcskevy Aesthetic Exploration, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy CAS AA207: Race and Ethnic Relations—Saida Grundy Historical Consciousness, Individual in Community, Research and Information Literacy CAS AA305: Toni Morrison’s American Times—Mary Anne Boelcskevy Aesthetic Exploration, Global Citizenship and […]

Summer 2019 Course Listings

Summer 1: CAS AA 207 A1 – Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Social definition of race and ethnicity. The adjustment of different ethnic groups and their impact upon U.S. social life. How prejudice and discrimination create class identities and how caste relations have affected patterns of integration during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Carries social […]