Dr. Saida Grundy in Conversation about the “Defund the Police” Movement

Dr. Saida Grundy, professor of Sociology, African American Studies, and Women’s & Gender Studies, recently was interviewed by Divided We Fall in a conversation about the slogan “defund the police.”

This conversation covers subtopics including the risks faced by politicians who support the movement, similarities & differences of today’s movements compared to those of the mid-twentieth century, and questioning why police are tasked with all of the responsibilities placed upon them.

Dr. Grundy points out that “defunding the police” carries different definitions and visions for different people, from simply minimizing the “very bloated police budgets” that allow and encourage the purchase of militarized weaponry & machinery to creating a “world that is police-free.”

Read it here: https://dividedwefall.com/2020/11/18/defund-the-police-a-conversation/

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