“Movement of the People: The West Indies’ Struggle for Independence”

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April 10th, 2014

On Tuesday, April 15 at 5:15 P.M., the African American Studies Program will be hosting “Movement of the People: The West Indies’ Struggle for Independence”, a film screening and panel discussion featuring “Inward Hunger: the Story of Eric Williams”.   The event will be taking place at the College of Arts and Sciences, 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 522.

Movement of the PeopleRev Flyer

Click the links below to watch videos of our panelists:

Carolee Moore (GRS ’14)

Max Gonzalez (CAS ’16)

Javaun Roy Francis (SMG ’15)

Jaime Lee Roberts (SHA ’14)

Aneudy Giovanni Rodriguez (CAS ’15)







Professor Linda Heywood

Professor Linda Heywood

Jaime Roberts, Max Gonzales, Aneudy Rodriguez, and Carolee Moore 

Panelist Max Gonzalez

Panelist Max Gonzalez

Panelist Carolee More