Student Stories Archive

Kate Donnellan

Swimming with Sharks (and Stingrays)

Kate Donnellan (CAS), Marine Science

Saed Salah

Meet the Students of CGS

Mikayla Rumph (CGS, CAS), Environmental Analysis and Policy

Saed Salah

My Own Boston

Ryan Lim (ENG, MED), Biomedical Engineering

BU Board Games Club

BU Board Games Club: More Than Just a Roll of the Dice

Various (CAS, ENG, Wheelock)

“Mr. Fancy” Reflects on Four Years at BU

 Thomas Unger (CAS), Physics

Best of Both Worlds

 Katie Matthews (Sargent), Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Points of Departure: A Place to Fit In

 Christine Park (Questrom), Business Administration

Dexter McCoy

Evolution Revolution

 Dexter McCoy (COM), Broadcast Journalism

Breaking Nicotine’s Hold

Bhavya Narala (CAS), Psychology

Music and the Brain

Kameron Clayton (CFA, CAS), Music and Neuroscience

Bethany Saul

Class Action

 Habib Khan (ENG), Computer Engineering

Summer Internship: Working for the Family Business

Paige Seibert (SHA), Hospitality Administration

Thomas Andrews

Transatlantic Style

Thomas Andrews (SHA), Hospitality Administration

The Decision

 Nick Haisu Yuan (CAS, COM), Economics, Film & Television

Summer Internship: Designing for Southwest Airlines

Nick Mahlburg (CFA), Graphic Design

How Amy Spent Her Summer

Amy Canham (ENG), Electrical Engineering

“Was BU Worth It?”

Seung-joon Lee (CAS), Psychology

Paula Silva

Taking Flight, Landing Tall

 Paula Silva (Questrom), Business Administration

Discovering the Next Big Thing From a Dorm Room

Connor McEwen (ENG), Computer Engineering

Saying Good-bye to Her Second Home

 Markiesha Ollison (CGS, Questrom), Marketing

Anubhav Nangia

Summer Internship: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Anubhav Nangia (Sargent), Human Physiology

BU’s Hometown Hockey Star

 Matt Grzelcyk (Questrom), Finance

Bethany Saul

Into a Boundless World

 Bethany Saul (CAS), International Relations

Points of Departure: Words and Expression

 Howard dePass, Jr. (CAS), English

Jamie Lim

How Malaria Changed SAR Student’s Life

Jamie Lim (Sargent), Human Physiology

Helping Kids Get into College

Rashidat Agboola (Questrom), Accounting, Finance; Alexandria Chong (Questrom), Business Law, Finance, Public Relations; and Joseph McNiff, (Questrom), Accounting, Finance

“Take Full Advantage of Everything”

Taryana Gilbeau (COM), Public Relations

The Penguin Pal

 Nicole Gosselin (CAS), Biology

Summer Internship: Live from Lincoln Center

Victoria Bullard (CFA), Design & Production

Points of Departure: Coming Back from Cancer

 Bailey O’Brien (Sargent), Nutrition Sciences

In Zambia, Text Messages Save Lives

Nathanael Lee (ENG), Biomedical Engineering, and Daniel Sade (ENG), Mechanical Engineering

Emma Kalff

Does Gender Affect a Person’s Attention to Art?

Emma Kalff (CAS), Sociology

Finding Her Home

Portia Amofa (CGS, CAS, SHA), International Relations and Hospitality Administration

Tory’s Story

 Tory Sampson (CAS), Archaeology

Terrier B-ball Tricaptains: All from Philadelphia, All Determined to Win

 D. J. Irving (MET), Sociology; Dom Morris (MET), Criminal Justice; and Travis Robinson (Questrom), Business Administration

Olivia Sulin

Bonne Chemistry

Olivia Sulin (CAS), Neuroscience

BU’s Pop Painter

 Molly Rosner (CFA), Painting

Swapping High-Tech Studies for the Classics

Michael Howard (CAS, ENG), Ancient Greek and Latin, Mechanical Engineering

Katharine Huntley-Bachers

Points of Departure: “Skating the Program of My Life”

Katharine Huntley-Bachers (COM), Sports Journalism

Mixing Business with Pleasure

The Diner’s Club (SHA)

Avion Cummings

Finding Strength Through Loss

 Avion Cummings (Sargent), Health Science

Jack Eichel

Freshman Hockey Star Talk of the Sport

 Jack Eichel (CGS)

EE Seniors Win Gizmosphere Contest

Vinny DeGenova, Stuart Minshull, Nandheesh Prasad, Austen Schmidt, and Charlie Vincent (all ENG), Electrical Engineering

Stephanie Gianni

Strictly Boardroom

Stephanie Gianni (Questrom), Business Administration

Dark Comedy Kicks Off CFA Fringe Festival

Ben Ducoff (CFA), Theatre Arts


Figure Skating and Premed: an Unlikely Combo?

 Gretchen Donlan (CAS), Chemistry

Emily Fitzgerald

UROP Student’s Project: a Thinking Robot

 Emily Fitzgerald (ENG), Biomedical Engineering

Palaver Strings

Musicians Mix Classical Music and Social Awareness

Palaver Strings (CFA), Various



Samantha M. Calderazzo, Benjamin W. Coleman, Veena Dali, Nahdia Jones, and Kyle D. Mitchell (CAS), Neuroscience

Taylor Mortell

The Art of Engineering

 Taylor Mortell (CFA), Painting and Sculpture

BU-Trotter Partnership Shines in Dorchester

Various (Wheelock)

A Passion for Paintbrushes and Politics

Alexander Golob (CFA, CAS), Painting and Political Science

Sophomores Win 1st Prize at #HackBostonStrong

Winston Chen (ENG), Computer Engineering; Huy Le (CAS), Computer Science; and Dean Shi (ENG), Computer Engineering

Summer Internship: Show Biz, India-Style

Bhakti Varma (Questrom), Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and Law


How to Sell Anything, Starting with Your Talent

 AdClub (COM)


A Good Fit at Fitwell

Danny Neilson (Sargent), Nutrition and Health

Palaver Strings

Humans of BU

Tami Gabriely (CAS), Computer Science and Psychology

Victoria Pae

Research to Keep You Awake: Nightmares

Victoria Pae (CAS), Neuroscience and Psychology

Got Time?

Barron Roth and Luke Sorenson (ENG), Computer Engineering

Erin Miller

Resistance of the Soul

Erin Miller (CAS), Psychology

Darryl L. Johnson and Santiago Beltran

What’s for Dinner?

Santiago Beltran (ENG), Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Darryl L. Johnson (ENG), Computer Engineering


 Connor Lenahan (COM), Journalism

Maura Feltault

Internship Spotlight: The Ritz-Carlton Boston Common

Maura Feltault (SHA), Hospitality Administration

Christopher McGlade

Video Game Prodigy

 Christopher McGlade (CGS, COM), Advertising with a Concentration in Computer Science

Looking Forward to Life Abroad

 Lily Lingxiu Ge (ENG), Computer Engineering

Studying How to Shake Your Groove

Movement Education students (Wheelock)

Gabriel Montresor

First Gen Student Spotlight

Gabriel Montresor (CAS), Political Science and Sociology

Pals & Friends

Live from BU, It’s Pals & Friends

 Various (CAS, COM)

David Baylies

Building a Better Electronic Trumpet

David Baylies (ENG), Mechanical Engineering

Seeing Double: BU Twins to Row in Head of the Charles

Kerri and Kelli Wegner (CGS)

Changemakers at sustainability@BU: Interns Help Make BU a Leader in Carbon Reduction

Lindsey Chew (Questrom), Business Administration and Management, and Ryan Peters (ENG), Mechanical Engineering

Molly Balseiro

My Jumpstart Story

Molly Balseiro (Sargent), Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Jessica Depies

View from the Favela

Jessica Depies (CAS, Pardee), Economics and International Relations

Saed Salah

Engineering to the Rescue

Various (ENG), Electrical & Computer Engineering

SHA in India

An Intensive, Immersive Internship Experience in India

Jordan Fessehaie, Kian McGee, Leonie Grundler, and Serena Lipton (all SHA), Hospitality Administration

Diane Ogede

First Gen Student Spotlight

Diane Ogede (CAS, Pardee), Economics and International Relations

Women’s Ice Hockey’s Impressive Sophomore Duo

Rebecca Leslie (Questrom), Business Administration and Management, and Victoria Bach (CGS)

Gregory Kerr YouTube history

Debunking Misconceptions about Other Cultures, on YouTube

Gregory Kerr (CAS), Classics and Philosophy

Julia Shaw

A Semester Devoted to Coffee

Julia Shaw (CAS), Urban Sustainability

Freddie Vargus

First Gen Student Spotlight

Freddie Vargus (CAS), Computer Science

Cedric Hankerson

Determination, Hard Work Drive Men’s Basketball Star Guard

Cedric Hankerson (Questrom, MET)

Allison Zuckerberg

Assisting Students Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Allison Zuckerberg (CAS), Biology with a specialization in Behavioral Biology

Tiffany Kim

K-pop Star Kim Na Yoon Puts Career on Hold for BU

Tiffany Kim (CGS, CAS), Economics