Student Stories

Music and the Brain

Kameron Clayton (CFA, CAS), Music and Neuroscience


How to Sell Anything, Starting with Your Talent

 AdClub (COM)


Figure Skating and Premed: an Unlikely Combo?

 Gretchen Donlan (CAS), Chemistry

In Zambia, Text Messages Save Lives

Nathanael Lee (ENG), Biomedical Engineering; Daniel Sade (ENG), Mechanical Engineering

Looking Forward to Life Abroad

 Lily Lingxiu Ge (ENG), Computer Engineering

BU’s Hometown Hockey Star

 Matt Grzelcyk (SMG), Finance


 Connor Lenahan (COM), Journalism

Studying How to Shake Your Groove

Movement Education students (SED)

A Passion for Paintbrushes and Politics

Alexander Golob (CFA, CAS), Painting and Political Science

Tory’s Story

 Tory Sampson (CAS), Archaeology

Still Running: an Art Marathon for Boston

Taylor Mortell (CFA), Painting and Sculpture

Got Time?

Barron Roth and Luke Sorenson (ENG), Computer Engineering

BU-Trotter Partnership Shines in Dorchester

Various (SED)