Schools, Colleges, and Programs Guide

When applying to Boston University, you must apply to a specific BU school or college and indicate an area of academic interest. If you are interested in a field of study (for example: engineering), but are not yet sure of a particular major, you may want to select the “undeclared” option for the school or college to which you will apply. If you have no specific school or subject in mind, we suggest you apply to the College of Arts & Sciences and select “undeclared” or the College of General Studies. These liberal arts and sciences curriculums give you two years to decide on your field of study.

Boston University offers a large selection of majors in our ten undergraduate schools and colleges. These are listed below by school and college.

Programs listed with * are not open to transfer students and programs listed with ** are not available for January admission.

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

American Studies
Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek & Latin
Anthropology & Religion
Architectural Studies
Asian Studies ∞
Astronomy & Physics
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biology with specialization in Behavioral Biology
Biology with specialization in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics
Biology with specialization in Ecology & Conservation Biology
Biology with specialization in Neurobiology
Biology with specialization in Quantitative Biology
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Teaching
Chinese Language & Literature
Cinema & Media Studies
Classical Civilization
Classics & Philosophy
Classics & Religion
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Economics & Mathematics
Environmental Analysis & Policy
Environmental Science
European Studies ∞
French Studies
French & Linguistics
Geography with specialization in Human Geography
Geography with specialization in Physical Geography
Geophysics & Planetary Sciences
German Language & Literature
History of Art & Architecture
International Relations ∞
Italian Studies
Italian & Linguistics
Japanese Language & Literature
Japanese & Linguistics
Latin American Studies ∞
Linguistics & Philosophy
Marine Science
Mathematics (includes Statistics)
Mathematics & Mathematics Education
Mathematics & Computer Science
Mathematics & Philosophy
Middle East & North Africa Studies ∞
Music (nonperformance)
Philosophy & Physics
Philosophy & Political Science
Philosophy & Psychology
Philosophy & Religion
Political Science
Pre-veterinary Medicine
Russian Language & Literature
Spanish & Linguistics
Undeclared *

Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies

Pardee majors are in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS). Students apply to the specific major in CAS.

Asian Studies
European Studies
International Relations
Latin American Studies
Middle East & North Africa Studies

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Accelerated Programs

Accelerated Program in Liberal Arts & Dentistry * **
Accelerated Program in Liberal Arts & Medicine * **

College of Communication (COM)

Cinema & Media Studies
Communication (includes Advertising, Public Relations, and Communication)
Film & Television (includes Production, Writing, and Management)
Journalism (includes News-Editorial, Broadcast, Magazine, Online, and Photojournalism)
Undeclared *

College of Engineering (ENG)

Biomedical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (aerospace concentration)
Undeclared *

College of Fine Arts (CFA)/College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Double Degree Program *   **

School of Music

Composition & Theory/Arts & Sciences
Music Education/Arts & Sciences
Musicology/Arts & Sciences
Performance/Arts & Sciences

School of Theatre

Performance Core (Acting/Theatre Arts)/Arts & Sciences
Design, Production & Management Core/Arts & Sciences

School of Visual Arts

Art Education/Arts & Sciences
Graphic Design/Arts & Sciences
Painting/Arts & Sciences
Printmaking/Arts & Sciences
Sculpture/Arts & Sciences

College of Fine Arts (CFA)

School of Music

Composition & Theory
Music Education

School of Theatre**

Performance Core (Acting/Theatre Arts)
Design, Production & Management Core

School of Visual Arts

Art Education
Graphic Design

College of General Studies (CGS)

(Transfer applicants for September admission must have completed two full semesters of coursework; transfer applicants for January admission must have completed one full semester of coursework)

General Studies

Learn more about our CGS programs.

College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College (SAR)

Behavior & Health
Health Science
Human Physiology
Physical Therapy *
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

† Six-year BS/DPT program

Questrom School of Business

(January admission is not available for freshman applicants; January transfer applicants must have completed two full-time semesters)

General Management
International Management
Management Information Systems
Operations & Technology Management
Organizational Behavior

School of Education (SED)/College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Double Degree Program *   **

English Education/Arts & Sciences
Mathematics Education/Arts & Sciences
Modern Foreign Languages Education/Arts & Sciences
Science Education/Arts & Sciences
Social Studies Education/Arts & Sciences

School of Education (SED)

Deaf Studies
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
English Education
Mathematics Education
Modern Foreign Languages Education
Music Education (see School of Music [CFA])
Science Education
Social Studies Education
Special Education

School of Hospitality Administration (SHA)

Hospitality Administration