Early Decision

Each year, thousands of high school students and counselors ask us why they should consider applying Early Decision. While every student and university is different, we at BU know that applying ED was one of the best choices for hundreds of our incoming freshmen – in particular those who knew Boston University was their top school.

Still not sure if Early Decision is for you?

Top Five Reasons to Apply Early Decision

  1. Showing Interest Turns Heads
    Applying Early Decision is the ultimate way to demonstrate interest in BU, which is an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Just submitting your application by November 1 is guaranteed to catch our attention.
  2. Commitment Counts
    We understand that applying Early Decision requires a big commitment from you, and that means a lot to us. We’re looking for students who aren’t afraid to jump in and “go for it,” because we know committed students will thrive here.
  3. Enthusiasm is Contagious
    BU’s campus is vibrant and diverse. We know that students who want to be here, badly, bring an enthusiasm that inspires future classmates and enhances our academic community.
  4. Competition is Keen
    Think about this, would you rather be considered for admission as 1 of 54,190 applicants or 1 of 1,718 applicants? Do the math. And this year, we expect the competition to be even greater, as the Class of 2019 will have 100 fewer students.
  5. Financial Aid
    Early Decision applicants receive the same consideration for financial aid as regular decision applicants.

    OK, we know we only promised 5 reasons but there’s one more…
  6. Terrier Pride!
    You could be one of the first among your classmates to wear your BU sweatshirt and show your Terrier Pride!

This is a binding program available only for high school seniors applying for September admission. The deadline to apply to Boston University as an Early Decision applicant is November 1. If you know BU is right for you, why wait? Apply todayYou’ll be notified of an admission decision by December 15. If you are applying for Financial Aid, the CSS PROFILE must also be submitted by November 1.

Early Decision Application Instructions

To apply for Early Decision admission, you must submit your completed application and all supporting credentials by November 1. You’ll be notified of an admission decision by December 15.

Some programs and scholarships do not have an Early Decision option. Be sure to consult the Program Requirements chart before applying to your chosen program.

To apply as an Early Decision candidate:

  • You must take the ACT no later than the October test date, or the SAT no later than October or November. Scores from standardized tests taken after these dates will not be considered in your application.
  • You must indicate your interest in the Early Decision Program on the BU questions section of the Common Application. This outlines the binding nature of this option and must be signed by the applicant, a parent or guardian, and a guidance counselor.
  • If admitted, you must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit by January 15 and withdraw your applications to all other colleges and universities.
  • Please make sure that all credentials sent by mail are addressed to:
    Early Decision Coordinator
    Boston University Admissions
    881 Commonwealth Avenue, 6th Floor
    Boston, MA 02215

If you are an Early Decision applicant who is not admitted, your application may be deferred for consideration during the regular admissions cycle. In that case, you’ll be considered for admission only after submitting your mid-year grades. You’ll be notified of a final admission decision in late March.

Financial aid applicants:

If you would like to be considered for need-based financial aid as well as combined merit-based and need-based awards, submit the CSS PROFILE by November 1 and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning in January. For more information, please visit the Financial Assistance website.

Early Decision applicants who applied for one of our full tuition scholarships, such as the Trustee Scholarship, will not receive notification until late March – early April. Students applying for need-based aid who meet the eligibility requirements will be notified of their financial aid awards in their admission package.