Tuition & Fees

Here is a breakdown of billed and estimated expenses for the 2014/2015 academic year at BU.

Billed Expenses for the 2014/2015 Academic Year*
Tuition $45,686
Room (depending on type of accommodation) $9,200
Board (most dining plans) $4,830
Fees $978
Total Billed Expenses $60,694
Other Related Expenses
Books and Supplies $1,000
Personal Expenses $1,320
Local Transportation (average) $630
Total Other Related Expenses $2,950

*Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees.

Massachusetts law requires all students enrolled in at least 75% of the full-time curriculum to have medical insurance. Students who cannot demonstrate coverage under a qualifying medical insurance plan are required to purchase the University’s student health insurance plan, which is due and payable with your first-semester charges. For more information, see the Student Accounting Services website.